CAUBO Travel Guidelines


The following policies have been authorized by the Board of Directors for travel for and at the expense of the Association. CAUBO recognizes and fully appreciates that persons travelling on CAUBO business are donating their valuable time.


Board members, Standing committee members are entitled to reimbursement of their expenses to attend official CAUBO meetings or other meetings as official representative of CAUBO. Other members or collaborators traveling at the request or on behalf of CAUBO may also be entitled to reimbursement of expenses, subject to prior approval by the Executive Director.

The present Policy also applies to staff members, including contract employees.

Board members are entitled to reimbursement for two meetings per year. Standing committee members are entitled to the reimbursement of one meeting of the committee per year. The Executive Director may authorize reimbursement of expenses for a second meeting. Attendance at a meeting of the Board or of a Standing committee held in conjunction with the annual conference is not covered. Notwithstanding the above, universities are encouraged to subsidize the travel of CAUBO com