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The CAUBO Income Tax Guide and CAUBO Goods and Services Tax Guide are available for members on-line at

NOTE:  These guides have not been updated for some years, and in certain areas may not provide current information.  Users are advised to also refer to up-to-date resources, such as the other Knotia guides, when addressing taxation issues.

In addition to supporting the CAUBO guides, Knotia offers special university pricing on its broad range of tax and financial reporting resources.  For access to the CAUBO guides, or for further information and a free trial of the full product range, contact Paul Kneebone at CPA Canada (

Options and Pricing – Knotia Tax Packages

1. CAUBO Tax Package:

Federal Income Tax Collection – Plus (FITACPLS)

$ 1,470/year

GST/HST & Excise Tax Collection (EARL)

$ 1,045/year

PST Module (Atlantic or Quebec or Ontario or Western Provinces

 $ 555/year

Subtotal (including 20% Discount) ……………………

$ 2,455/year

2. CAUBO Tax Package (without Provincial Taxes):


$ 1,470/year


$ 1,045/year

Subtotal (including 20% Discount) ……………………

$ 2,005/year

  • By purchasing either CAUBO Tax Package, you activate all the “hotlinks” in the CAUBO Income Tax Guide (to FITAC-Plus and CAUBO GST Guide (to EARL).
  • All these CICA products (Federal Income Tax, GST/HST & Excise and Provincial Taxes) are updated monthly --- with the “What’s New” sections updated daily. Both CAUBO Tax Packages also include Knotia News – Income Tax, GST, PST (daily email bulletins) for one user --- at no additional charge.
  • Either of these CAUBO Tax Package purchases includes a license for up to 10 simultaneous named users (vs. 3 users) and intended for only CAUBO-related staff (not Libraries, Faculty, Students, etc.).

Options and Pricing – Knotia Financial Reporting Packages

  • All these prices also reflect a 15% Discount.
  • All CAUBO Financial Reporting-related products include a license for up to 10 simultaneous named users (vs. 5 users) and intended for only CAUBO-related staff (not Libraries, Faculty, Students, etc.).


3.     CICA Standards and Guidance Collection  (CICAHB) …………………………… $ 110/year

  • The CICAHB product is already FREE online for any CA Member user.  This $110/year price includes access for up to 10 non-CA users. 
  • The electronic version of the CICA Standards and Guidance Collection is now updated at least 6-8 times per year and completely re-structured in late 2009.

4.      Canadian Financial Reporting Collection  (CFRC)……. $ 270/1st year, then $ 230/year on Renewal

Besides the CICA Standards and Guidance Collection infobase, this CFRC suite INCLUDES:

  • Financial Reporting in Canada, 33rd Edition, including 2009 Supplement (FRIC08) --- annual Edition
    Survey of Canadian financial reporting practices and published annually (late Fall). It provides insight into the latest practices and trends in financial reporting based upon the published financial statements for the past 3 years of a sample of 200 Canadian public corporations.
  • Guide to Canadian Financial Reporting (GCFR) --- updated as required
    Is up-to-date commentary and guidance on the application of the Recommendations to financial reporting issues. GCFR is a unique combination of practical examples and detailed commentary.
  • Guide to Accounting Pronouncements & Sources, 6th Edition (GAPS01) --- 2001: Last Edition. This unique, handy index lets you quickly find the relevant Canadian, U.S. or International Accounting or Assurance standards, guidelines and other authoritative literature pertaining to any financial reporting, accounting or assurance problem.

Purchasing at least the CFRC package is recommended by the CICA.

These 4 OTHER Accounting/Assurance & Business-related Knotia products are also available for purchase ---- all with special 20% discount

A.     Canadian Accounting & Assurance Reference Service (CAARS)
………………………………………. $ 270/1st year, then $ 120/year on Renewal

(CAARS) --- provides access to more than 60 of the most recent CICA Research Studies Group publications on both Canadian and international financial reporting trends and practices – as well as new assurance and review standards and procedures.

B.      Canadian Securities Reporter (CSR) ……………… $ 730/year (updated monthly)

---- A Practical Guide to Current Issues in Regulatory Filings.

It is a unique information and news service designed to assist public companies and their advisors in effectively meeting their securities regulatory obligations. The focus of the content is on practical reporting and disclosure matters encountered by issuers in the course of their regulatory filings --- in particular prospectus and continuous disclosure filings (with a special emphasis on actual examples and precedents).

C.    The Accountant’s Manual (ACCMAN)…… $ 315/1st year, then $ 150/year on Renewal (Now updated 4 times per year)

It is Canada’s leading general business information reference source. It is intended for accountants and provides a comprehensive non-technical overview of the basic legal requirements and associated administrative and compliance information regarding virtually all aspects of carrying on business in Canada.

It deals with both Federal and Provincial jurisdictional matters and provides practical guidance on a broad range of day-to-day business issues that confront business professionals.

D.  The Accountant’s Handbook on Fraud Prevention and Detection (FRAUD)….. $220/1st year, then $180/year on Renewal

Designed for accountants in industry, government and public practice, this practical, two-volume reference source provides the basic tools for reducing your risks and, in the worst scenario, managing a crisis.  Written by leading forensic accounting experts, The Accountant's Handbook of Fraud and Commercial Crime is the foremost strategic prevention and management guide in its field that will help you manage the risk of fraud, deal with a suspected fraud, and protect your liability exposure.

PLUS this CUSTOMS & TRADE Knotia product is available for purchase ---- with special 20% discount

E.  Customs & Trade Collection (CARL) ……………………………………………………………………… $1,155/year

CARL is a complete collection of Canadian customs information, as well as selected US and international materials. It includes all relevant legislation, the complete Customs Tariff and schedules, administrative materials, case law and findings by Canadian courts and tribunals, NAFTA legislation, the US Tariff and US Customs Rulings, and more

  • Purchasing CARL includes a license for up to 10 simultaneous named users and intended for only CAUBO-related staff (not Libraries, Faculty, Students, etc.).

A final note on the number of simultaneous users (up to 10 designated concurrent users) for any Tax, Customs, Accounting/Assurance and Business-related paid CAUBO.Knotia products:

  • On an exception basis only, the CICA will increase the license ratio to 15:1 to allow for additional users as requested by the institutions.  This will be particularly considered for larger CAUBO member institutions.
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