Fundamentals of the Research Enterprise

Monday, January 11, 2016 - 12:00 - Thursday, February 25, 2016 - 14:00

“I found the course very helpful and we are putting some of the strategies learned into practice.”

- Cathy Gates, Director, Office of Research Services,
Trent University


"This course is very useful and I will certainly recommend it to my colleagues."

- Lily Li, Major Purchasing Contracts Officer, Simon Fraser University


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Course Overview

Please note that this course is only offered in English at this time.


This course will assist university administrators in understanding the overall context of university research, including its funding, regulation, and administration. It will explain why so many areas of the university are involved in research administration, and will explore some of the challenges that arise from the sharing of responsibilities between the university and researcher, as well as the balancing of resource allocation between the university’s two principal missions of teaching and research.


Every university administrator needs to have an understanding of the importance of research in order to effectively do his or her job. Whether you are in a central service, a student service, or a faculty office, your role is affected by the demands research places on you, directly or indirectly, and more importantly on the resources you have at your disposal to do your job. The arguments you make for more funding or greater participation in decision-making need to reflect how you and your unit support both teaching and research.


To provide you with a broad understanding of the context for university research, this course is subdivided into seven chapters that are grouped into four modules:


Module 1 - The Research Policy Context and Funding

  • The Policy Context for University Research and its Funding
  • Types of Research Performed And Their Funding Sources

Module 2 - Research Principles and Environment

  • The Underlying Principles that Guide University Research
  • The Research Environment


Module 3 – Administrative Support to the Research Enterprise

  • Research Enterprise Administration
  • Conclusion - The Implications of a Research-Oriented Campus

Module 4 - Group Case Study


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