Treasury & Investment: Mandate | Responsibilities


The CAUBO Treasury & Investment Committee provides university business officers a forum for the interchange of ideas and experience in the area of investment, finance, risk management and other treasury related topics. In particular, the Treasury Committee's objective is to encourage innovation which will save costs and foster an entrepreneurial approach, as well as improve investment management expertise.

Responsibilities and Activities

    2.1 Conduct periodical surveys on Treasury related topics including, but not limited to:

        * investment strategy
        * investment performance
        * banking and/or custodial services
        * endowment and/or pension portfolios
        * cash management
        * debt management

    2.2 Communicate new techniques and opportunities of common interest through the listserv, the website and in special publications.

    2.3 As much as possible, organize and sponsor workshops and seminars related to Treasury issues which will, among other objectives, focus on sharing experiences.

    2.4 Explore opportunities for group buying of common services.

    2.5 As much as practicable monitor federal and provincial legislation which impacts on investment and portfolio management of endowment, pension, and operating funds.

    2.6 Provide advice and assistance regarding the program of the annual CAUBO Conference, as required.