Financial Information of Universities and Colleges

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Statistics Canada


Financial Information of Universities and Colleges is an annual publication prepared by Statistics Canada for the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO). CAUBO obtains the financial data for the publication by undertaking an annual survey of its degree granting member institutions. Users have indicated that the publication is a comprehensive reference source for the financial data of universities and colleges in Canada.

The financial data in the publication is based on an annual return completed and submitted by each member institution. The hard copy of the publication reports the financial data individually, by institution, and in aggregate, by province, region and nationally.

Error Corrections: Where material errors are discovered after publication of the report, corrections will be posted to the CAUBO website.

Table of Contents

Guidelines - intended to assist both users and preparers of the financial data reported in the annual return

FIUC Database: Single database (MS Access) containing FIUC income and expenditure data from 1980 to 2014. ZIP file – 30 MB download.  

2013-2014 Report (PDF) CAUBO_2013... application/pdf 5.51 MB
2013-2014 Microsoft Access Database CAUBO_2013... application/zip 2.01 MB
2012-2013 Report (PDF) CAUBO_2012... application/pdf 5.31 MB
2012-2013 Microsoft Access Database CAUBO_2012... application/zip 1.46 MB
2011-2012 Report (PDF) CAUBO 2011... application/pdf 5.37 MB
2011-2012 Microsoft Access Database CAUBO 2011... application/zip 1.9 MB
2010-2011 Report (PDF) CAUBO 2010... application/pdf 6.02 MB
2010-2011 Microsoft Access Database CAUBO 2010... application/zip 2.16 MB
2009-2010 Report (PDF) CAUBO 2009... application/pdf 5.66 MB
2009-2010 Microsoft Access Database CAUBO 2009... application/zip 2.2 MB
2008-2009 Report (PDF) CAUBO_2008... application/pdf 6.28 MB
2008-2009 Microsoft Access Database CAUBO 2008... application/zip 1.43 MB
2007-2008 Report (PDF) CAUBO_2007... application/pdf 6.17 MB
2007-2008 Microsoft Access Database CAUBO_2007... application/zip 1.45 MB
2006-2007 Report (PDF) CAUBO_2006... application/pdf 5.99 MB
2006-2007 Microsoft Access Database CAUBO_2006... application/zip 1.42 MB
2005-2006 Report (PDF) CAUBO_2005... application/pdf 5.96 MB
2005-2006 Microsoft Access Database CAUBO_2005... application/zip 1.94 MB
2004-2005 Report (PDF) CAUBO_2004... application/pdf 5.92 MB
2004-2005 Microsoft Access Database CAUBO_2004... application/zip 1.28 MB
2003-2004 Report (PDF) CAUBO_2003... application/pdf 5.62 MB
2003-2004 Microsoft Access Database CAUBO_2003... application/zip 1.54 MB
2002-2003 Report (PDF) CAUBO_2002... application/pdf 5.45 MB
2002-2003 Microsoft Access Database CAUBO_2002... application/zip 1.21 MB
2001-2002 Report (PDF) CAUBO_2001... application/pdf 5.33 MB
2001-2002 Microsoft Access Database CAUBO_2001... application/zip 1.64 MB
2000-2001 Report (PDF) CAUBO_2000... application/pdf 5.19 MB
2000-2001 Microsoft Access Database CAUBO_2000... application/zip 925.21 KB
1999-2000 Report (PDF) CAUBO_1999... application/pdf 5.1 MB
1999-2000 Microsoft Access Database CAUBO_1999... application/zip 968.89 KB