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Descriptive Title of Proposal: Recycling effort gears up with U-Bike
Year Submitted 2006
Name of Institution University of Calgary
Name (Senior Administrative Office of the Institution) <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Steve Dantzer<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
Title (Senior Administrative Office of the Institution) Director of Campus Infrastructure
Telephone: 403-220-4120
Email Address: Email hidden; Javascript is required.

Calgary community was involved by donating 50 bicycles. The Outdoor Recreation staff helped restore and mobilize the bikes. Staff and Student were involved in developing and using the program.

Criteria Please submit one paragraph describing how the proposal fulfills each of the evaluation criteria.

The program is highly transferable to any campus. There is a need for some initial leadership and support for the champion department (i.e. parking, security, transportation or even health and wellness).

Quality Impact

Students and staff will utilize the bikes for health and wellness, as well environmental goodness. Bikers get a different view of campus and it will lead to calls for improved bike access. Initial indications from students are they like the program. As bikes were immediately used by students, staff began using and enjoying them.

Productivity Impact

The program will help people get around campus with health benefits and less environmental impact.


The program is unique in that bicycles which normally would have been disposed of are turned into useful tools for all of the campus community. This program brought together diverse groups of people from across campus to work together to produce the bikes. Once the program was in effect the greater community of Calgary offered up bicycles to supplement the program.