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Maintaining academic continuity in clinical practicums associated with health profession programs at the University of Toronto during the COVID-19 pandemic

Health profession students at the University of Toronto (U of T) were withdrawn from clinical placements in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic due to concerns about community spread and a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE). This clinical training is necessary to meet program and professional regulatory requirements. The pausing of clinical placements … Continue reading "Maintaining academic continuity in clinical practicums associated with health profession programs at the University of Toronto during the COVID-19 pandemic"

June 15, 2021

Promoting Engaging, Accessible, and Sustainable Virtual Events

In response to the increase of virtual events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the McGill Office of Sustainability launched its Sustainable Virtual Event certification program with the goal of promoting sustainability and accessibility for virtual events. An adaptation of the successful McGill Sustainable Events certification program, which has certified more than 300 events since 2017, … Continue reading "Promoting Engaging, Accessible, and Sustainable Virtual Events"

June 15, 2021

Enterprise Teaching Research and Collaboration System

Enterprise Teaching Research And Collaboration System (eTRACS) is a system geared towards faculty management, designed to transform manual administrative processes into an integrated faculty management system to better support short and long term program and course planning, faculty lifecycle processes, annual budget preparation, contracts administration, reporting and more! It focuses on providing capabilities to academic and administrative … Continue reading "Enterprise Teaching Research and Collaboration System"

June 15, 2021

UVic’s New Student Connect program

The New Student Connect program is an online university community where new students from all over the world connect with others entering their first-year at UVic using Microsoft Teams. Throughout the 2020-2021 Academic year, UVic has hired and trained a host of compassionate and experienced upper-year students who want to make the first-year experience of these students … Continue reading "UVic’s New Student Connect program"

June 15, 2021

UVic’s Shared Resources Program

The Shared Resources program was developed to redeploy UVic employees on temporary layoff due to COVID-19 and to provide a mechanism for UVic departments to share capacity among staff based on increased or decreased workloads. UVic’s response to COVID-19, as with most universities, created a surge in demand for services in some departments, and a lack of … Continue reading "UVic’s Shared Resources Program"

June 15, 2021

Optimizing Registrarial Student Services and Staff Workflow in a Remote Environment through “AskRegistrar”

AskRegistrar is a by-product of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was conceptualized, developed, tested, and launched for students within a 5 month period (April – August 2020) to modernize our services, improve our students’ experience, and create a more efficient workflow for our staff. Leveraging the ServiceNow platform, AskRegistrar services over 15,600 undergraduate students, approximately 300 … Continue reading "Optimizing Registrarial Student Services and Staff Workflow in a Remote Environment through “AskRegistrar”"

June 15, 2021

The Laurier OneCard Five Minute Pivot Play

If one ever wants to truly understand the integral role its department plays within the university, simply request a lockdown and wait 24 hours. With the campus closed, how do we suddenly re-tool to offer the required deliverables to new OneCard members while maintaining the integrity of the system? Introducing a cost-saving, seamless, user-friendly OneCard … Continue reading "The Laurier OneCard Five Minute Pivot Play"

June 15, 2021

Biomass sustainable energy facility

Since 2011, a diverse group of dedicated professionals at Simon Fraser University have sought to evaluate, design, plan and construct an alternative energy source for heating the Burnaby campus to achieve greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets while meeting the thermal needs of the Burnaby Mountain community. Opened in October 2020, the facility provides our Burnaby … Continue reading "Biomass sustainable energy facility"

June 15, 2021

The “Campus éclatés” Initiative During COVID-19

The unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19 have provided the Université de Sherbrooke (UdeS) with an opportunity to assert what sets it apart as a leading institution committed to education on a human scale, namely the development of students’ skills in a real-world context, innovation, excellence, and the ability to overcome challenges, find solutions and adapt to … Continue reading "The “Campus éclatés” Initiative During COVID-19"

June 15, 2021

Redefining Financial Sustainability

Concordia University developed a sustainability policy back in 2015. The policy seeks to integrate four main university pillars of (1) its own operations (2) its research and academic programs (3) its investment approach (4) its funding/financing program. The proposal is with respect to initiatives we have implemented to pillars’ #3 and #4, which in effect redefined how we … Continue reading "Redefining Financial Sustainability"

June 29, 2020

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