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Campus Emergency Management in an Information Age

The direction the University of Windsor has taken in the development of our overall emergency preparedness program has totally transformed our ability to effectively prepare, plan, respond and recover from any emergency. There has been a full cultural shift from the days of the binder on the shelf to a professional model of preparedness that … Continue reading "Campus Emergency Management in an Information Age"

April 16, 2009

McGill University Security Services Community Relations Patroller

Unlike other initiatives that involve many stakeholders, the successful implementation of this initiative involved very few people. The position of the Comml!nity Relations Patroller was created from .existing resources and no extra funding was needed. The success of the initiative is a result of the widespread support it has received since its implementation. The McGill … Continue reading "McGill University Security Services Community Relations Patroller"

April 16, 2009

Messaging @ Concordia University

We worked closely with the university’s Internal and Web Communications group to ensure that we implemented a service that would not only reach the most number of people, but that would be easy to use. This group ensured that we included the most useful and widely used student information within our messaging menu system. They … Continue reading "Messaging @ Concordia University"

April 16, 2008

Every Third Building if Free: UBC Renew

From the initial conception, consensus building and stakeholder buy-in, especially with the academics, has been a priority for UBC Renew. A communications committee was created for this project to work with planners, implementers – including facility, operations management and the stakeholders – to ensure that there was (and is) a steady stream of two-way information … Continue reading "Every Third Building if Free: UBC Renew"

April 16, 2007

UMSAFE Program: University of Manitoba Student Alcohol Function Education Program

In 1994 when the UM Alcohol Beverage Committee (ABC) authorized the creation of what became the UMSAFE Program, they created a sub-committee to carry out the project. This sub-committee consisted of a student representative, a Security Services officer and the Special Functions Special Events Coordinator. Although the student representative left the university shortly after the … Continue reading "UMSAFE Program: University of Manitoba Student Alcohol Function Education Program"

April 16, 2006

Working Alone

The development process was a collaborative effort with Curriculum Redevelopment Center, Information Technology, Security and Occupational Health and Safety. Once the system was developed it was introduced to senior administration as well as employees. Excellent suggestions were received and the system was adjusted enhancing the user friendly model, which made the concept and physical attributes … Continue reading "Working Alone"

April 16, 2004

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