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Integrated Risk Management Program

These advances in our risk management program have been achieved only through extensive consultation with our faculties and services. We have regular meetings with our research, high, médium and low risk faculties, Physical Resources Service and Materials Management Service, and student organizatiôns among many others. Thèse meetings have served to transfer spécifie knowledge and training … Continue reading "Integrated Risk Management Program"

April 16, 2006

The University of Manitoba Physical Plant Training & Safety Program

Safety and health at the Physical Plant is an important issue for the more than 380 people who work in that unit A workers right to be informed (through on-the-job and more formalized training), and to participate are key. Ownership of the issue belongs to ail. That was proven by the success of a contest … Continue reading "The University of Manitoba Physical Plant Training & Safety Program"

April 16, 2006

Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive Hazardous Waste Management Program

History In 1988, the province of Manitoba implemented the Environment Act. In response, the University formed the Hazardous Waste Management Advisory Committee, which was made up of representatives from users and advised on the program direction. The program evolved over time and with the availability of special funding, developed into today’s program. Environmental Safety Building … Continue reading "Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive Hazardous Waste Management Program"

April 16, 2006

Risk-Based Workplace Hazard Analysis and Database

The following are departments or stakeholders that were involved in and contributed to the project: Department/Stakeholder Contribution to the project Vice-President Finance and Administration Project approval and financial support Department of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS) Project planning, coordination and implementation. DOHS hygienist participated throughout the process (e.g., interviewing workers, grouping job positions etc.). Department … Continue reading "Risk-Based Workplace Hazard Analysis and Database"

April 16, 2005

The Pro-Active Management of Air Quality

The results of each survey since 1992 were communicated to both the Operating and Planning departments in the Physical Resources service. An initial Task Force was commissioned which drew from both Operating and Planning groups with the purpose of improving air quality related comfort in the classroom. This Task Force was charged with the objective … Continue reading "The Pro-Active Management of Air Quality"

April 16, 2005

Reducing Custodial Costs through Sustainable Measures

Other than the approval and support of management, this project was conducted by the Custodial and Housekeeping department primarily to provide a healthier environment for all staff and learners, safer working conditions for our custodians and housekeepers and reduce the amount of chemicals that were being used that affect our environment. Today this system is … Continue reading "Reducing Custodial Costs through Sustainable Measures"

April 16, 2005

Development and Implementation of an Asbestos Management Program

A special Asbestos Management Program Review Committee was established to assist in the development of the program. It included representatives of the Environmental Health and Safety Office, Physical Plant, Information Services & Technology, and all the bargaining units on campus (including the CAW, UM Faculty Association, The Association Of Employees Supporting Education Services and CUPE). … Continue reading "Development and Implementation of an Asbestos Management Program"

April 16, 2004

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