Navigating the Pandemic: Lessons learned about new ways of working

*Please note that this article is available in English only

Like all other university units, the Centre for Higher Education (CHERD) has sought ways to sustain services and programs during the global pandemic. A key step was to pivot from in-person instruction and collaboration to various forms of remote delivery, including webinars, online presentations, asynchronous group discussions, and forums.

As CHERD responded with new delivery modes and updated content, CHERD facilitators shared responses and practices from their respective institutions. The group also spoke about the short, medium, and long-term impacts of the pandemic on postsecondary institutions, and how it raised questions and provided insights about new ways of doing things. CHERD thought it would be useful to share these discussions in a wider context, hence this brief overview. Although it reflects the experience of specific institutions, the common themes and questions posed will surely resonate across most if not all institutions in Canada and beyond.

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