University Funding in Canada, A Comparison of Provincial Policies on University Funding, Student Aid, and Research Support

This CAUBO report, prepared by Higher Education Strategy Associates (HESA), compares approaches to institutional funding across the country.  It provides comparative information, summarizing provincial differences regarding determining institutional grants; approval and funding of new programs; transfers to support specific missions, (e.g. minority language populations or rural/northern population); and performance measures that are used in funding distributions.

A series of provincial summaries, outlining the individual provinces’ policies in detail is included in the report.

The report also includes comparative information for student assistance, such as provincial financial aid expenditures per student, upfront grants and remission programs and targeted aid for specific student populations.

Stay tuned for additional resources in 2021
A supplement resource, to support the comparative analysis included in this report, is currently under development. The additional resource will provide useful information for how to interpret the key provincial differences highlighted in HESA’s report and identify key considerations that impact financial benchmarking across jurisdictions.

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