About FBS

In 2004, after undertaking a feasibility study, CAUBO launched a new service, Faculty Bargaining Services (FBS). FBS supports labour relations and collective bargaining for academic personnel among its participating institutions.

Founded in 1937, the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO) is a non-profit professional organization representing the senior administrative and financial officers at over 100 universities and affiliated colleges in Canada.

FBS was designed to foster a cooperative spirit and shared ownership of information among its community members. To promote the development of knowledge and expertise related to employment and working conditions of faculty members in Canada, all universities – large or small, unionized or not – need to share information.

In 2007, the scope of the FBS service expanded to include all academic personnel – librarians, instructors paid by the course, teaching and research assistants, post-doctoral fellows, research professionals, and others.

Today, FBS supports 75 Canadian universities. It offers expert advice from field representatives, specialized analytics reports, a database of collective agreements and related documents, and tailored training for bargaining preparation and contract administration.

Am I an FBS Participant?

To view the list of participating institutions, click here.

Already an FBS participant? Explore the FBS web application containing valuable resources such as collective agreements and related materials, legal rulings, live reports and a member directory: log in using your member credentials. If your institution is a participant in FBS, but you do not have access to the web application, ask your senior faculty relations or academic officer if they can make it available to you.

For inquiries on how to become a participating institution, including eligibility and please get in touch with fbs@caubo.ca.