CAUBO Travel Guidelines


The following policies have been authorized by the Board of Directors for travel for and at the expense of the Association. CAUBO recognizes and fully appreciates that persons travelling on CAUBO business are donating their valuable time.


Board members, working groups, advisory groups and task force members are entitled to reimbursement of their expenses to attend official CAUBO meetings or other meetings as official representative of CAUBO. Other members or collaborators traveling at the request or on behalf of CAUBO may also be entitled to reimbursement of expenses, subject to prior approval by the Executive Director.

The present Policy also applies to staff members, including contract employees.

Board members are entitled to reimbursement of travel and accomodation expenses for two meetings per year. Working groups, advisory groups and task force members are entitled to the reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses for in-person meetings in which they have been asked to participate. Attendance at a meeting held in conjunction with the annual conference is not covered. Notwithstanding the above, universities are encouraged to subsidize the travel of CAUBO volunteers where possible.

Officers of the Association are covered by the present Policy for any additional travel that may be required on behalf of the Association.

Expenses for spouses are not covered.

Other considerations

Members may claim directly to CAUBO. In that case, they must submit original receipts. Members may also elect to receive reimbursement from their institution. In that case, an invoice from the institution, along with photocopies of supporting receipts, will be reimbursed to the institution. Amounts to be reimbursed cannot exceed those that would have otherwise been reimbursed directly according to the present Policy.

When making a direct claim, credit card slips alone, and travel agency invoices, are not sufficient support for hotel, air or train expenses.

Amount Reimbursed

Eligible members are entitled to reimbursement of expenses for travel to and from the city where a meeting is held. Normally, expenses may be claimed for the day(s) of a meeting plus one day before and one day after, with the understanding that every effort is made to keep the claim reasonable.

  • Lowest logical airfare, including seat sales, Saturday night stayover, and “overlapping” tickets. If there is no airport at the point of departure, transportation to the nearest airport can be added;
  • Reasonable taxi, bus and public transportation costs, and first-class train fare;
  • Per diems for meals based on Treasury Board directives, where not provided by hosts, at a conference, or during train and air travel. Rates to be used for travel in Canada and the U.S.A., in both Canadian and American funds, from 1 October 2016 until further notice, are: breakfast, $17.00; lunch, $17.25; supper, $45.55; and incidentals, $17.30
  • For each 24-hour period of travel away where meals are not otherwise provided, the total per diem amount of $97.10 may be claimed;
  • The above per diem amount of $17.30 for incidental expenses may be claimed for each 24-hour period out of town. This amount is to cover out-of-pocket expenses (e.g. porter, laundry) other than travel, hotel and meals;
  • When claiming per diems, be sure to strike out minibar, meal, movie and related expenses from the hotel invoice;
  • When hosting a meal that other business contacts attend, claim the actual and reasonable cost of the meal, submit the receipt and provide the name(s) of guest(s);
  • When claiming for use of personal car, note that claim is limited to the cost that would otherwise be incurred. For example, discounted airfare to Toronto may be $350, and a one-day car rental for driving to a Montreal meeting may be $80.

Additional information can be found under  the seperate tab ‘Guidelines’ in the expense claim form below.


Travel Policy Revised – 8 March 2016