Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with CAUBO!

CAUBO relies on the engagement and active participation of members in order to deliver relevant and timely products and services. CAUBO’s Board of Directors, Thought Leader Advisory Groups (TLAGs) and Conference Coordination Teams are all composed of volunteers. Many of the presenters at CAUBO’s annual conference, annual workshops and webinars are also volunteers.

Why volunteer with CAUBO?

  • Take on a leadership role and hone your skills
  • Stay on the leading edge of higher ed issues
  • Learn and grow personally and professionally
  • Make valuable peer contacts and build relationships
  • Have your work recognized and rewarded

See how many ways there are to engage with CAUBO, whether you have a few minutes or all the time in the world!

CAUBO institutional members may participate as volunteers; click here to find out if you are a member.

Volunteer Opportunities for CAUBO Members

Thought Leader Advisory Groups (TLAGs)

Five TLAGs have been established to represent the functional areas of CAUBO’s members: Finance (composed of representatives from  Finance, Academic Managers, Taxes, Treasury and Investment, Procurement, and Internal Audit), Human Resources, Risk Management, Procurement and Facilities.  TLAGs play an integral role within CAUBO by:

  • Contributing to the identification of key strategic issues and opportunities for higher education administration including overarching and supporting objectives for each issue;
  • Identifying key administrative trends within higher education where a national perspective would be useful for members and suggesting approaches for implementation (e.g. webinar, workshop, data collection, or analysis);
  • Identifying priority or emerging operational and administrative issues and the types of resources (e.g. benchmark data, information, best practices or practical tools) that could be developed or accessed through partnerships;
  • Acting as a reference group for issues that require subject matter expertise within specialty areas represented by the group.

Pillar Product Advisory Groups

These Groups provide oversight on CAUBO’s pillar products (Tax Resources, Fraud Survey, Investment Survey and FIUC).

Conference Coordination Teams (CCTs)

CCT Members plan function-based sessions for the Annual Conference pre-conference seminars.

Working Groups and Task Forces

  • Members of these issue-based teams provide subject matter expertise to support and direct projects addressing members’ analytical and professional development needs

We are always looking for new volunteers. If you are interested in receiving updates on new volunteer opportunities, please complete the form below

Deborah Collis
I am very interested in the organization and in furthering its efforts to be a source of information, strategic advice and support for higher education institutions across Canada. I believe this organization plays a critical role in supporting and developing university business officers and I am very happy to provide my time and effort to assist it to succeed. I find it personally very rewarding to be involved in an organization that fosters collaboration and interaction of higher education institutions across our country.
Deborah Collis
, Director, Department of Financial & Administrative Services, Memorial University of Newfoundland