June 2018

Missed a session at CAUBO 2018? Visit the Knowledge Centre to view available presentations!

CAUBO’s has added all available presentations to its Knowledge Centre, including recordings of the top two attended sessions per concurrent block.

Here are just a few of the sessions that are available on the CAUBO website from CAUBO 2018:
• Bringing Continuous Improvement to the Masses
• Towards a Strategic and Sustainable Budget
• Marijuana: “Hashing Out” Your Obligations
• Threat Assessment Teams in Higher Education
• Governance Matters
• Leading from the Middle

Available presentations from the nine pre-conference seminars are available by clicking here.

CAUBO: A Year in Review

This past year, CAUBO has been privileged to facilitate conversations between peers, stakeholders, and government agencies on topics as diverse as its participants. Many of these dialogues have crossed functional and geographical boundaries on topics from responsible investing to cyber-security and operational benchmarks, to consultations with the Tri-Agencies on the evolution of their financial administration guide. A couple of common themes were fundamental to these exchanges: to identify opportunities for increased efficiencies for higher education administration and providing members with a broader toolkit of information, data and resources to support informed decision-making.

View the CAUBO 2017/2018 Highlights & Achievements brochure to learn what is available to you from our collective efforts.

2018 CAUBO Award Recipients

June is the time of year where CAUBO gets to celebrate the accomplishments of its members through two award programs: The Quality & Productivity (Q&P) Awards and the Member Recognition Awards. Both celebrated during the annual conference, these awards recognize member achievements.

Earlier this month at the CAUBO 2018 Conference, a total of eight Q&P Awards were given out. The Q&P Awards are the Oscars of best practices in higher education administration. View the 2018 winning submissions, or search by keyword, year, or institution to find innovative practices that can be applied to your institution in our Knowledge Centre.

CAUBO Member Recognition Awards celebrate and honour those who help build a vibrant CAUBO community and a stronger higher education sector through collaboration and leadership. This year, four awards were given out to acknowledge some of these contributions. We would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to the recipients of this year’s awards! Find out which of your colleagues were celebrated at the CAUBO Recognition Awards ceremony for their leadership and volunteerism.

FIUC Dashboards

CAUBO has developed a new tool to explore and analyze the Financial Information of Universities and Colleges (FIUC) data.

This tool provides a new channel to view the FIUC data; these dashboards provide institutional income sources, expenses and operating expenses by function. Members can more easily access FIUC data in order to see sector trends in university finances and how various institutions, including your own, compare in this regard.

The dashboards are available online for University members only.

Financial Health Indicators

A series of five indicators of financial condition are now available through the new Financial Indicators Dashboard. A comprehensive Financial Indicators Management Discussion & Analysis (MD&A) report has also been released to support the information found in the dashboard.

When viewed together the ratios provide an overall picture of the sector’s financial condition, identifying specific strengths and weaknesses. At an institutional level, these ratios can also provide a baseline for priority setting. By viewing the indicators in a dashboard format, users can compare nationally, provincially, and/or by institutional size or with selected institutions.

Both the dashboard and MD&A report can be accessed online. Access to both the dashboard and the MD&A report is restricted to VP members only (to share internally with staff as they deem appropriate).

Fraud Survey Results

The 2017 Fraud Survey results were presented at CAUBO 2018. The Fraud Survey is an annual survey of internal and external fraud cases within Canadian universities. It tracks the volume and value of fraud cases, fraud detection, the nature of control weaknesses exploited, the extent of anti-fraud policies and processes and the action taken against perpetrators.

The results are intended to help audit and other professionals better understand fraud and its characteristics in the higher education environment, and to help build awareness at the executive level of fraud risks and impacts. The presentation is now available in the Knowledge Centre.

Investment Survey Report

The 2017 CAUBO Investment Survey report is now available for participating members. This Survey is Canada’s most comprehensive survey of investments held by Canadian post-secondary institutions. The survey includes both investment pool (including endowment) and pension results. One of the purposes of this survey is to provide universities with the information necessary to assist them in better managing their investment portfolios.

The Investment Survey report is distributed to all CAUBO members that participated in the survey. Online access to the report is restricted to survey respondents at participating institutions, unless otherwise advised. Additional copies may be purchased by using the order form for participating members. Members that have not participated in the survey, affiliate members, corporate members and associate members can purchase the report by using the order form available here.

2016-2017 FIUC coming soon!

The 2016-2017 Financial Information of Universities and Colleges (FIUC) data is scheduled for release by Statistics Canada on July 24th. The FIUC Report will be available online at the end of the month in the Knowledge Centre.

The FIUC is an annual publication that is jointly prepared by CAUBO and Statistics Canada. It is a valuable source of information for financial data at Canadian universities and colleges. The financial data in the publication is based on an annual return completed and submitted by each member institution.

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CAUBO provides peer-to-peer sharing which builds on the existing capacity of higher education leaders by connecting them with colleagues and information, enabling them to pursue learning opportunities that offer insights into effective practices; create solutions for shared issues; and, provide participants with new and different perspectives.

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