Online Community (listserv)

Welcome to the CAUBO Online Community!

CAUBO’s online community is a FREE member resource for networking, sharing lessons learned, policies, plans, and best practices, and finding new ways to collaborate on common issues. The system is an email-based (listserv) platform powered by LOGIX..

Am I eligible to participate?

  • All of CAUBO’s institutional members are eligible to request participation in a listserv group, including universities and colleges.
  • Groups are designed for exchanges between senior administrators in the various functional areas that CAUBO supports.

How does it work?

As a member of a listserv group, you will be able to:

  • create a new question or topic thread directly from email and have it automatically post to the secure area of the website;
  • create a new question or topic thread directly on the website;
  • add a response to a pre-existing question or topic via reply to a notification email or directly on the website;
  • attach documents (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.) to a post via email directly or on the website;
  • sort the list of existing topics and questions on the website chronologically;
  • search the archive of previously posted topics, questions for specific keywords in the discussion thread of the group for which you are a member;
  • select the frequency with which you will receive email notifications from the listserv/website: as posted, daily, none;
  • unsubscribe; and
  • halt or suspend email notifications.

Listserv group registration is managed by CAUBO staff. This helps ensure that the right people are participating in the right groups, creating meaningful discussions and sharing relevant knowledge, resources and expertise.

If you’re interested in signing up to one of the groups listed below, please email us with a request!

Already a member of a listserv group?

If you are already a member of a group, click below to join the conversation on the secure listserv site.

VPs Finance and Administration
Academic Administration
Enterprise Risk and Assurance
Facilities Management
Faculty Recruitment
Gestion de la recherche (groupe francophone seulement)
Human Resources
Internal Audit
Risk Management

For further questions regarding the Online Community and listserv groups, please contact Lynne Séguin.