Data Dashboards

In an effort to expands and create new resources to enhance members’ ability to respond comfortably and substantively to issues and needs within the higher education sector, CAUBO has been working towards providing information in the form of dashboards for ease of use.

Additionally, CAUBO will be improving longstanding tools such as the FIUC by conveying data through dashboards, as well as developing a number of supplementary resources to offer increased access to benchmark data, critical to supporting informed decision-making. National data on ancillary services is being gathered, and a working group focused on future operational benchmarking initiatives has been assembled.

Financial Dashboard

In partnership with the Université du Québec Network – Head Office, CAUBO now conveys data through dashboards, where members have the ability to see sector trends in university finances and how various institutions compare.  These dashboards provide members with the ability to see sector-wide trends in university finance, as well as how various institutions, including their own, compare in this regard.

Financial Health Indicators

A series of five indicators of financial condition are now available through the new Financial Indicators Dashboard. A comprehensive Financial Indicators Management Discussion & Analysis (MD&A) report is also available to explain the indicators, their value and limitations. Access to both the Indicators Dashboard and the MD&A report is restricted to VP members only.

Upcoming Dashboards

Ongoing efforts are being made to collect data in order to provide additional dashboards will be added as data becomes available.