CAUBO 2019: Pre-Conference Seminar Presentations

Click below to download available CAUBO 2019 Pre-Conference seminar presentations.

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Lessons Learned from a Senior University Executive: Labour Relations, Student Rights, and Academic Freedom
Anthony Masi, Professor, Industrial Relations and Organizational Behaviour – McGill University
Craig Monk, Provost and VP Academic – McEwan University

International Student Engagement: Maximizing Opportunities and Mitigating Risks
John Gregory, Director, International Recruitment and Transnational Programs – University of Alberta
Gordon MacInnis, Vice-President, Finance and Operations – Cape Breton University
James Mandigo, Vice-Provost, Enrolment Management and International – Brock University


Health and Safety in Construction Projects: Managing Responsibilities between University and Contractors
Heather McDonald, Safety Manager, Facilities and Operations – University of Alberta
Ian Wagschal, Assistant Director, Facilities Management – Dalhousie University

Data Kings or Slaves?
Tareq Abdullah, Assistant Director, Asset Management – Dalhousie University
Keith Hollands, Director, Design and Technical Service – University of Alberta

Energy Conservation Optimization: Strategies for Carbon Emission Reduction
Mohamed Attalla, Executive Director, Facilities and Services – University of Illinois
Jerome Conraud, Energy Manager, Utilities and Energy Management – McGill University
Jim Gudjonson, Director, Sustainability Office – Thompson Rivers University
Diego Mandelbaum, Business Centre Sector Leader – Stantec


The Future of University Pension Plans
Horatio Bot, Director, Financial Services – University of Toronto
Jasenka Brcic, Principal – Eckler Ltd.
Nancy Walker, Vice-President, Finance and Administration – University of Lethbridge

Collaborative Sourcing: What’s in it for Finance?
David Davidson, Chief Executive Officer – Interuniversity Services Inc. (ISI)
Kelly McGarry, Associate Director, Strategic Procurement Services – Queen’s University
Karen Owen, Vice-President, Supply Management and Customer Relations – Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM)
Dennis Silva, Chief Procurement Officer – BCNET

Revenue Resiliency and Optimization
Linda Dalgetty, Vice President (Finance and Services) – University of Calgary
Nicole Fowler, Manager, Senior Procurement and Acquire/Accounts Payable – Queen’s University
Anne Macdonald, Assistant Vice-President, Ancillary Services – University of Toronto

PSAB’s Conceptual Framework and Reporting Model – Could it Apply to You?
Ali Ahmed, Principal – Public Sector Accounting Board


Irene Keller, Director, Product Development, Group Life and Disability and Integrated Health Solutions – Sun Life Financial
Sanjida Ahmed, Geneticist, Business Development Manager – Personalized Prescribing Inc.

Unconscious Bias
Valerie Pruegger, Director, Office of Diversity, Equity and Protected Disclosure (ODEPD) – University of Calgary

Coaching, Conversations and Competencies: New and Novel Approaches from Three Universities
Karen Boros, Director, Labour Relations and Employee Services – MacEwan University
Melanie Garaffa, Senior Manager, Organizational Development – McMaster University
Tracy Rands, Director, Talent Management – Dalhousie University


Risk Tolerance and Cybersecurity
Farooq Naiyer, Chief Information Security Officer – ORION Network

The Added Value of a Collaborative Internal Audit and Risk Management Function
Christina Duquette, Director, Internal Audit – Thompson Rivers University
Steve Pottle, Director, Risk Management – Thompson Rivers University

Accidentally Agile On Purpose
Nicole Schultz, Director, Internal Audit – University of Calgary
Aneesa Ruffudeen, Director, Higher Education Leader Risk Advisory – Deloitte Canada


Community Impact Procurement: What’s Up and What’s Next in Higher Education?
Renata Faverin, Director, Procurement Services, University of Toronto
Dexter King, Director, Procurement, Services, Finance – York University
Coro Strandberg, Consultant, Social Purpose Administration Advisor to RECODE – Strandberg Consulting

Building Leadership Capacity in the Higher Education Sector – Positioning Procurement as a Strategic Team Player
Mike Drane, Director, Procurement – Dalhousie University
Richard LeBlanc, Director, Enterprise Procurement – University of Saskatchewan
Tim Moore, President, Consultant – Tim Moore and Associates (TMA)


Centralized Incident Management
Rae Ann Aldridge, Associate Vice-President, Risk – University of Calgary
Dave Janes, Coordinator, Risk and Insurance – Memorial University of Newfoundland

Building a Community Culture of Safety and Emergency Preparedness – Two Successful Initiatives from East and West
Dave Janes, Coordinator, Risk and Insurance – Memorial University of Newfoundland
Bob Maber, Director, Emergency Management – University of Calgary
Cliff Trollope, Partner, Enterprise Risk Management – MNP

Better Informing Decisions Through Risk Appetite
Mark Aiello, Managing Director, National Practice Leader – Marsh Risk Consulting


Absolute Returns for Absolute Objectives: New Ways of Using Fixed Income to Achieve a University’s Goal
Marc Gauthier, Treasurer – Concordia University
William Moriarty, Senior Advisor and Chair, Risk Commitee – RPIA

Macro-bubbleology: An investigation into the anatomy of financial asset bubbles, the physics of what inflates them, and the mysteries of their deflation
Jim Gilliand, President and CEO, Fixed Income – Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel
Ryan Goulding, Analyst, Fixed Income – Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel

Investing Operating Funds – Institutional Case Studies that Focus on a Mid-term Portfolio
Martin Bélanger, Director, Investments, Financial Services – Western University
Andrew Coward, Treasurer, Financial Planning and Operations – University of Victoria
Richard Iwuc, Portfolio Manager, Financial Services – University of Alberta