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Descriptive Title of Proposal: Multi-Year Budgeting & Forecasting Model
Year Submitted 2004
Name of Institution Brandon University
Name (Senior Administrative Office of the Institution) <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Deb Berkan<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
Title (Senior Administrative Office of the Institution) Director, Financial & Registration Services
Telephone: 204 727-9644
Email Address: Email hidden; Javascript is required.

The development of the budget model was done within the Finance Office loosely based on a model used by American institutions based out of Pennsylvania. The model was implemented near the beginning of the budget process and budget unit heads were asked to provide feedback while working with it. The model has allowed for more detailed information and trend analysis, which received positive feedback from the Board of Governors and the campus community last year. The model detail is maintained on an on-going basis by the Finance Office. The full detail for every budget unit, including salaries, is given to each budget unit head electronically. Due to the confidential nature of the salary information only summary information is presented to the broader University community, again electronically.

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This budget model is an Excel workbook which makes it easy to use. Once the model is built, it requires no extra training other than the normal skills required to use this spreadsheet program. The model itself is adjustable and flexible to the specific needs of the institution. It can be as detailed as the institution finds useful for it's purposes. Although Brandon University is a small institution, which facilitates the required detail, proportionately the model should be quite adaptable and efficient for larger institutions as well.

Quality Impact

The quality-improvement outcome has been the ability to better manage long-range budget control and planning. It has allowed the institution to judge whether or not changes need to be considered as permanent, short term or long term. Because the model projections are built position-line and object-line by line, it is more accurate, which makes it reliable and defensible for on-campus and off-campus purposes.

Productivity Impact

In actual fact this model requires more detailed work than the previous budget documents that were used however the value of the information that is produced outweighs the extra time required. The detailed budget information is produced and maintained centrally at Brandon University with approximately two person-months of labour. Although they have the detailed spreadsheet files, Faculties/budget units are able to limit their involvement to reviewing the information and producing operating plans.


This project is unique in the context of higher education because of the degree of detail that is contains. For educational institutions that use line position monitoring this provides the tool to do it effectively. Brandon University does not use an off-the-shelf financial records program, which has made the development of this tool more important. The flexibility and cost to develop the model makes it invaluable.