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Descriptive Title of Proposal: Celebrating 100 Years of Teacher Education Through Community Collaboration
Year Submitted 2006
Name of Institution University of Calgary
Name (Senior Administrative Office of the Institution) <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Jennifer Diakiw<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
Title (Senior Administrative Office of the Institution) Director, Communications and Development
Telephone: 403-220-7083
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Throughout this document, emphasis has been placed on the outcomes of diligent and careful inclusive community and university collaboration. The involvement was the underlying reason for our success. The planning team was composed of a diverse group of community individuals and corporate volunteers as well as committed university faculty and staff. From publicizing the events, to inviting potential authors to write about their most memorable teachers, to the four-day events themselves, to the subsequent donations and alumni support-it was the cooperation of individuals who committed to the "cause" of celebrating the affect that teachers and teacher education has had on them personally and on our quality of Alberta life. Without the community and stakeholder support and active participation, the outcomes would have been less than the tremendous success enjoyed by all!

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Many elements of the celebration are portable, in particular, the inclusive planning process and engagement of community. The concept, the plan and implementation are being shared with other organizations. For example, Ms. Jennifer Diakiw, who managed the project, was invited to the University of Toronto to share information about the initiative's success, as they prepare for their centenary celebrations. . The University of Calgary's 40thAnniversary Committee has integrated elements of the planning and implementation in their celebrations. As well, one school board recognized the value of honouring teachers and has implemented an annual celebration as a direct result of the Centenary. The Faculty shared the results in the on-campus newspaper and in the local newspapers. As well, a case study is being developed for publication emphasizing the strength of the community/university partnership and the long-term outcomes that resulted.

Quality Impact

The public goal was to have 400 guests attend the Saturday night gala. However, with the continuous increase of community involvement and support, 621 people attended at a ticket price of $100.00. We had targeted raising $35,000 for the Legacy Scholarship Fund, realizing $85,000, and significantly increasing our donor base. We sought 12 sponsors; recruiting 14. In response to a donor request, we created a new category for donors. Legacy Patrons were individual donors who contributed at a sponsor level. We had hoped for community participation and support; the response was overwhelming. We hoped the Faculty would participate and support the initiative, they owned it and lead it and rejoiced in the success.

We hoped the media would cover the event, and they did with great generosity. We hoped for increased profile for the faculty internally and within the community, that happened and continues to produce results for the Faculty. The outcomes far exceeded any of our expectations!

Productivity Impact

The entire celebration: the process, the events, the immediate and subsequent outcomes; are all about increased quality and productivity. We provided a once in a lifetime experience for many to celebrate educators' success, with support from the corporate community, individual Albertans and the faculty itself. The initiative enabled the Faculty to reposition for marketing purposes, increased the donations and donors, increased our media presence and visibility within the community, increased the support from alumni, provided recognition for authors and teachers. All were increases in productivity.

Expenses were kept low through partnerships with the Alberta Teachers Association and Alberta Education, who assisted with distribution of invitations, posters and books. The public relations benefits experienced by the Faculty through the planning process and the celebrations themselves were of great value. Four months after the events, the number of fund raising volunteers has increased, but more importantly the level of commitment to the faculty through these volunteers has significantly improved and increased.

All these gains were results of the inclusive process and the superior quality of the event due to diligent consultation and the determination to leave a legacy.


"One of the most imaginative projects I have been involved with in some time is My Most Memorable Teacher, the Centennial Story Project of the Faculty of Education. . ."

Hon. Peter Lougheed,

The entire project was unique as it achieved its outcome of raising the profile of a Faculty by capitalizing on a major anniversary and creating a variety of legacies. A key accomplishment in raising the profile of the Faculty was helping the various communities understand the core academic value of inquiry

The leadership of volunteers resulted in legacies of value to education stakeholders, including:


Enhanced public support for the Faculty;


Recognition of the Faculty within the UofC community;


Significant contributions to the Legacy Scholarship Fund through the generosity of patrons, donors, and sponsors;


Publication of an anthology celebrating teachers and students; (which has been placed in schools and libraries across Alberta)


A formal Faculty of Education alumni chapter;


Reuniting teachers with their students, and


Hosting the event in partnership with another post secondary institution, where the Faculty began.

The process of engaging and involving community improved the quality of the events and the quality of the participant's experiences, resulting in long lasting support for the Faculty.