New Resource: Data Governance Framework for Canadian Universities

Canadian universities collect, store, and manage large quantities of data to support their academic, research, and administrative pursuits. However, for many universities, data governance is not well understood or mature. Further, the decentralization of institutional data can lead to concerns about its quality, accessibility, and reliability. This is critical for maintaining credibility and making data-driven decisions, adopting data-based processes, and achieving institutional priorities.

CAUBO has developed a Data Governance Framework to support members as they build their institutional data governance practices. The framework is based on existing models or standards from other sectors—adapted to higher education—and considers the different institutional structures and invested parties, such as IT, institutional planning, and chief data officers.

The framework connects members with best practices in data stewardship and governance specific to higher education institutions and more importantly, enables them to build a tailored data governance framework for their unique institutional needs. The Data Governance Framework is available here for institutional members. 

The Framework will be presented, by Deloitte, through a three-part CAUBO webinar series, and culminate into an interactive member workshop offered this fall. More information on the webinars and workshop will be available in the coming months. Stay tuned for dates and details on the webinar series and workshop that will be offered this fall.