New Resource: The 2022 National Financial Landscape of Canadian Universities

CAUBO has developed a series of financial landscapes, focusing on critical areas within Canadian universities. Through the Landscape series, financial trends in higher education are explored at the national, provincial, and institutional levels.

The 2022 National Financial Landscape, released in December 2022, provides an overview of the implications of the pandemic on university finances in Canada. The National Landscape includes trends observed over the last decade while highlighting any significant year-over-year financial shifts that occurred due to the impact of the pandemic, which has been considerable and will no doubt continue to influence revenue and expense trends in the coming years.

Other resources available for members

The Provincial Landscapes provide insight into the significant differences in the university funding models between provinces, as identified and explored through CAUBO’s data-rich analytical tools and resources and support a data-driven approach to assessing institutional finances. Financial landscapes are available for British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. (Nova Scotia will be released shortly!)

To build on the information provided in the National and Provincial Landscapes, CAUBO provides an Institutional Landscape service for members. For a nominal fee, members can receive an institution-specific financial landscape that highlights the unique financial trends and situation at their institution.

CAUBO continues to work on developing resources that will help members achieve their objectives.