Leveraging Robotic Process Automation to Optimize Administrative Processes

Now more than ever, higher education administrators are looking for efficiency gains and seeking to answer a critical question: How can we do more with less?

To help members answer this question, CAUBO has commissioned a report that outlines how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be applied to optimize administrative processes. The report, prepared by Deloitte, suggests a framework specific to higher education that can be used to identify and prioritize opportunities for automation and offers practical, real-life examples of RPA application.

Highlights of the report also include:

  • Insights into PSE RPA processes from Deloitte’s global network to highlight how automation is improving processes in the PSE space
  • Common practices on how to identify and prioritize opportunities including factors to consider, automation objectives and how to leverage an Automation framework
  • Six relevant automation case studies and high applicability automation use cases and lessons learned from past projects
  • Practical insights drawn from internal and external sources related to automation

The report was developed as a conversation starter to bring forth ideas and discussion, highlighting the differing considerations institutions face when embarking on an automation journey.

A webinar will be offered on September 30th for members to join Deloitte’s David Sloane (Director, Consulting, National Lead, Finance Robotics) and Mike Rosenblood (Director, Consulting) for a comprehensive overview of the framework, methodologies, and considerations that can be used to identify, prioritize, and manage opportunities for automation. David Dittaro, Director, Enterprise Applications at the University of Alberta and Lee Ha Lewis, Director, Research Accounting at the University of Calgary will provide practical advice and insights based on their own experiences implementing RPA at their institutions. Stay tuned for webinar details and registration at www.caubo.ca.

Click here to view the report.