Data Insights series – Changing Patterns in University Revenues and General Operating Expenditures

CAUBO has developed this Data Insights series to highlight key financial trends in the university sector. The factsheets aim to provide a concise, yet fact-based analysis of some of the sector’s most pressing risks and challenges.

The first two factsheets in the series address the rapidly changing patterns in spendable income and general operating expenditures in recent years.

Factsheet #1 focuses on the ongoing shift in the composition of operating income at Canadian universities and underscores that tuition revenues have become increasingly consequential as government revenues continue to decline as a proportion of funding. The factsheet highlights the sector’s increasing reliance on more volatile sources of income such as those stemming from international students.

Factsheet # 2 examines the concurrent shift that has occurred in expenditures at Canadian universities.  It highlights the factors that have driven changes in the distribution of spend between various expenditures types (including faculty compensation) and across functions.

Please let us know if there is a topic that you would like to see covered in future additions to the series. We welcome all suggestions!

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