Ancillary Benchmark Parking Services Survey Results Now Available to institutional members

Ancillary operations have become an increasingly prominent area of focus at Canadian universities and there is a recognized need for reliable data to help administrators identify opportunities for improved efficiencies.

In response to this need, CAUBO is working to collect and report a high-quality data set on ancillary services that supports benchmarking.

The 2018 Ancillary Benchmark Parking Services survey results are now available online for members. A high-level summary report of the Parking survey results has been prepared and is available to all members here.  A dashboard is accessible here to CAUBO members that participated in the survey. It allows users to assess their institutional performance against that of peer institutions across Canada based on key indicators.

The Parking Services survey is part of the Ancillary Benchmark Survey series created by CAUBO to amass a key performance indicator data warehouse for each major ancillary area. The Housing and Food Services surveys will be released in the coming weeks.