The Financial Landscape of Canadian Universities

CAUBO has developed an overview of the financial landscape of Canadian universities, focusing on critical topics that have become particularly relevant in this current era of unprecedented change.

The financial landscape achieves the following:

  • It provides an analysis of key financial trends as identified and explored through CAUBO’s data-rich analytical tools and resources. It emphasizes the importance of benchmarking to evaluate key metrics and improve efficiencies and demonstrates how members can use CAUBO’s tools and resources in support of a data-driven approach to assessing institutional finances.
  • It demonstrates how the university funding model has shifted in recent years, primarily due to declining income from government grants, and highlights how the changing composition of university revenues has increased income volatility.
  • It outlines the significant changes in university expenditure patterns due to changing societal expectations of the role of universities and the services that they should provide. These external forces have exerted upward pressure on administrative costs, leading institutions to invest extensively in new programs and services.
  • Finally, it demonstrates the increased volatility of university income in combination with unabated cost pressures, which together necessitate a review of the university business model to assess how institutions can become more cost-efficient. As identified throughout the report, CAUBO has undertaken a number of initiatives to advance this objective, such as developing dashboards that allow institutions to measure their data and performance against that of peer institutions across Canada.

CAUBO continues to work on developing resources that will help members achieve their objectives.

The financial landscape is available for institutional members by clicking here.