Updated tool: FTE-based dashboards

CAUBO, through a continued partnership with the Université du Québec, has updated the FTE-based dashboard series to include the most recently available data (2021-2022). The dashboards, which incorporate student and faculty FTE data, allow members to benchmark with their peers across the country on relevant areas such as research income, provincial funding, and teaching and administrative costs.

The dashboards also provide users with access to information such as faculty composition and student population, by field of study, rank (faculty), and cycle and status (student), as reported through Statistics Canada’s University and Colleges Academic Staff System (UCASS) and Post-Secondary Student Information System (PSIS) surveys.

Users can choose to benchmark with institutions that are the most comparable to their own (as determined based on the number of FTEs and faculty within each of the major fields of study) and can also customize their analysis through several filters to view institutions of the same size, with a similar mission or research intensity, or within their province.

As a reminder, the Primer document provides a valuable outline of the limitations inherent to the data, which need to be understood by users.

Please note that a secondary password is required to access the dashboards. The password can be found in green text at the top of the FTE-based Dashboard webpage.