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Formules de travail hybride

La pandémie de COVID-19 a bouleversé la façon de vivre et de travailler des Canadiens. Le secteur de l’enseignement supérieur n’y a pas échappé, mais il a su s’adapter rapidement en passant en mode télétravail pour préserver la santé, la sécurité et la productivité du personnel. Les établissements ont exploré la possibilité d’adopter des formules … Continue reading "Formules de travail hybride"

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4 avril 2022

Thrive Building Positive Mental Health for all at UBC

At the UBC we recognize the need to support mental health across the campus community and the country. Traditionally, universities have focused solely on student mental health; without the inclusion of staff and faculty. At UBC, we are creating an environment that focuses on positive mental health for all members of campus. That is why … Continue reading "Thrive Building Positive Mental Health for all at UBC"

16 avril 2015

Rewire: Reducing energy through behaviour change and culture shift

Institutional and cultural transformations are the core goals of this behaviour-change project. As mentioned, Rewire draws upon social-psychology, specifically community-based social marketing (CBSM) and the Theory of Planned Behaviour. Both approaches have worked to shift behaviour and retain behaviour change over the long-term. By employing the tools and logic of CBSM, we have been able … Continue reading "Rewire: Reducing energy through behaviour change and culture shift"

16 avril 2009

LIVING Together

The idea for our “LIVING Together” initiative has grown organically from an initial emphasis on sustainability to a fully-fledged program aimed at providing students with innovative and cutting-edge residence life programming. The University has received countless inquiries and/or visits in relation to our sustainability and community engagement activities. As well, our most recent installment within … Continue reading "LIVING Together"

16 avril 2009

Design Services Standing Offer Agreement (SOA)

The Request for Proposal resulted in eight firms from Toronto-Hamilton-Niagara submitting proposals. Due to the ‘technical ‘ nature of the initiative and because the procurement, risks, and mechanics of minor design services tends lo be a background issue lo University stakeholders, there was Utile involvement from Faculties and other Departments in the development and implementation. … Continue reading "Design Services Standing Offer Agreement (SOA)"

16 avril 2007

Improving service to students with special needs: A collaborative, pan-university initiative

Extensive stakeholder and community consultation occurred during the different phases of this project. Input was sought from students, staff and faculty as follows: – Individual student interviews and student focus groups; – Student testing of systems, communications, workflow; – Faculty focus groups; – Review by governance committees and other committees/departments at York (Senate Committee on … Continue reading "Improving service to students with special needs: A collaborative, pan-university initiative"

16 avril 2007

Residence Wireless Network (ResNet)

ResNet was a big project that involved a number of people from several different departments. There was a project team from the department of Computing and Communications (C & C) that worked on planning the network, network design, programming the online Device Authorization Tool, and overseeing the whole project from beginning to end. The C … Continue reading "Residence Wireless Network (ResNet)"

16 avril 2005

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