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Partenariat entre l’ACPAU et HR Metrics Service

L’ACPAU sait que ses membres ont besoin de données probantes pour appuyer la prise de décisions au sein de leurs établissements. Grâce à l’entente de partenariat que nous avons signée avec HR Metrics Service (HRMS), nous pouvons offrir à nos membres des services d’analyse comparative de haute qualité dans le domaine des ressources humaines. HRMS … Continue reading "Partenariat entre l’ACPAU et HR Metrics Service"

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16 février 2021

ACPAU 2019 : Présentations du congrès

Cliquez sur les onglets ci-dessous pour télécharger les présentations disponibles du congrès. Recherchez-vous les sessions de pré-congrès? Visitez la page des présentations du pré-congrès de l’ACPAU 2019. Séances plénières LUNDI 10 JUIN MARDI 11 JUIN

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9 juillet 2019

Winning Strategies For Managing Medical Leaves – A plan sponsor’s approach to absenteeism and managing medical absences

Managing absenteeism successfully in an era of limited resources and growing work demands necessitated a change in the Human Resources philosophy and organizational culture of StFX University. This presentation outlines the practices being used to support employees requiring medical absences. In strengthening vendor partnerships, promoting utilization of the Employee’s Assistance Program and early support of … Continue reading "Winning Strategies For Managing Medical Leaves – A plan sponsor’s approach to absenteeism and managing medical absences"

16 avril 2015

Memorial’s New Employee Orientation Program

Recognizing the value of orienting new employees into the university’s culture early in their career, Memorial’s Department of Human Resources (HR) developed a comprehensive, multi-component approach to new employee orientation. Through a needs assessment that included focus groups, research and a review of best practices, HR designed an innovative, economically sustainable program that integrates face-to-face … Continue reading "Memorial’s New Employee Orientation Program"

16 avril 2015

Optimization of the document acquisition process

The budget cuts now commonplace in Canadian universities put pressure on funding and the future of university libraries. In combination with the soaring costs of electronic documentation, this situation has forced the HEC Montréal library to be creative in streamlining its processes and adopt the means to fully carry out its mission in this difficult … Continue reading "Optimization of the document acquisition process"

16 avril 2015

Thrive Building Positive Mental Health for all at UBC

At the UBC we recognize the need to support mental health across the campus community and the country. Traditionally, universities have focused solely on student mental health; without the inclusion of staff and faculty. At UBC, we are creating an environment that focuses on positive mental health for all members of campus. That is why … Continue reading "Thrive Building Positive Mental Health for all at UBC"

16 avril 2015

Transforming Human Resources: A Holistic Approach to Service

Without increasing the complement of staff, Human Resources completely changed its approach to client service. From the physical environment in the reception area to the additional operating hours, a totally new culture has taken hold. Now, as a matter of course, staff go the extra mile for their clients. By moving away from specialists at … Continue reading "Transforming Human Resources: A Holistic Approach to Service"

16 avril 2010

VRE: Open Source Research Environment

The VRE represents nothing less than a fundamental transformation of the mission of the academic library and will remain a critical component of the core services of the Robertson Library. Academic libraries are facing a juggernaut of change, whether from big deal licensing or large-scale digitization projects such as Google Books, and the more innovative … Continue reading "VRE: Open Source Research Environment"

16 avril 2009

Campus Emergency Management in an Information Age

The direction the University of Windsor has taken in the development of our overall emergency preparedness program has totally transformed our ability to effectively prepare, plan, respond and recover from any emergency. There has been a full cultural shift from the days of the binder on the shelf to a professional model of preparedness that … Continue reading "Campus Emergency Management in an Information Age"

16 avril 2009

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