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Changements climatiques

En raison de leur grande empreinte géographique, économique et environnementale, les établissements postsecondaires canadiens contribuent aux changements climatiques et sont exposés à plusieurs nouveaux risques environnementaux. C’est pourquoi ils ont un rôle déterminant à jouer pour atténuer les répercussions des changements climatiques et amorcer la transition vers une économie sobre en carbone par le truchement … Continue reading "Changements climatiques"

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25 janvier 2022

Memorial’s New Employee Orientation Program

Recognizing the value of orienting new employees into the university’s culture early in their career, Memorial’s Department of Human Resources (HR) developed a comprehensive, multi-component approach to new employee orientation. Through a needs assessment that included focus groups, research and a review of best practices, HR designed an innovative, economically sustainable program that integrates face-to-face … Continue reading "Memorial’s New Employee Orientation Program"

16 avril 2015

“McGill Satellite Procurement Operations” – A Customer Centric Approach

McGill’s vision to implement “Satellite Procurement operations” started taking shape in 2009, with the goal to improve customer service and strengthen the impartiality of the procurement process. The model relies heavily on collaboration, building relationships and sharing functional knowledge while focusing on improving customer response time, process efficiencies and cost savings. A value driven and … Continue reading "“McGill Satellite Procurement Operations” – A Customer Centric Approach"

16 avril 2015


There are financial aspects to every department of an academic institution, and postsecondary organizations across Canada are facing increased pressure on their budgets and overall accountability. Yet in many cases, faculty and staff who are responsible for managing or administering budgets and money issues have little financial background, and they report not just a lack … Continue reading "RYERSON UNIVERSITY’S FINANCIAL SERVICES CERTIFICATE PROGRAM"

16 avril 2014

Campus Emergency Management in an Information Age

The direction the University of Windsor has taken in the development of our overall emergency preparedness program has totally transformed our ability to effectively prepare, plan, respond and recover from any emergency. There has been a full cultural shift from the days of the binder on the shelf to a professional model of preparedness that … Continue reading "Campus Emergency Management in an Information Age"

16 avril 2009

Transforming Document Production: Managing Legislation Development & Single-Source Authoring/Multi-channel Publishing

The project has resulted in eliminating much of the stress, chaos, and confusion associated with curriculum/admissions legislation and policy development and the corresponding development of the University calendar and associated communications materials. The reduction in stress, chaos, and confusion has resulted in improved relationships among those involved in the process. Furthermore, relationships have improved due … Continue reading "Transforming Document Production: Managing Legislation Development & Single-Source Authoring/Multi-channel Publishing"

16 avril 2009

Sustainable Development Policy of the Universit̩ de Sherbrooke

The Policy has had the effect of making the university community accountable for sustainable development. The tangible results are remarkable: active transportation, public transit, 3R-V (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, extract Value), construction of buildings that meet new standards, including sustainable development into teaching, research on this subject and recognition of the university due to its leadership … Continue reading "Sustainable Development Policy of the UniversitÌ© de Sherbrooke"

16 avril 2009

Newton, the on-line Tutor Mark Recording system.

The transformative value is that the users see more possibilities for improving the system and allowing them to work more productively. Users are coming up with more ideas to move information more easily and improve the internal manual processes.   Athabasca University has a unique and complex nature. This is required to provide the learning … Continue reading "Newton, the on-line Tutor Mark Recording system."

16 avril 2009

Finance Brown Bag Lunch Series

The project has greatly increased communication between Financial Services and the units. After networking in sessions and discussing issues pertinent to University financial practices, the dialogue between the two groups has increased and become more positive. A greater understanding how each group functions has led to more consideration when working together, resulting in more productive … Continue reading "Finance Brown Bag Lunch Series"

16 avril 2009


The BOMA-GO-GREEN application has provided SFU a formal auditing and verification process to document the existing facility management procedures. This process confirms that SFU manages the buildings in an environmental responsible manner and in particular conforming with the ten requirements requested by BOMA. Also as part of the review, it enables SFU the opportunities to … Continue reading "BOMAGOGREEN"

16 avril 2009

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