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Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Disbursement Process at UBC

The project was developed and implemented through close consultation with a number of stakeholders from the UBC campus community, including the BPR (Business Process Re-Engineering) team, the Finance Educational Advisory Committee, the CFBA (Committee of Faculty Business Administrators) group, the Travel Committee, the PeopleSoft FMS Advisory Group, the PeopleSoft Steering Committee, and the Audit Committee. … Continue reading "Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Disbursement Process at UBC"

16 avril 2006

Finance Learning Initiative

The initiative began with four central units (Financial Services, Supply Management Services, Staff & Student Payments and Administrative Information Systems) coming together to provide funding and support. These units freed up operational funds to hire program coordinators and offered their staff members to develop and deliver training. The success of the initiative resulted in expanding … Continue reading "Finance Learning Initiative"

16 avril 2006

Ryerson University – Financial Services’ Document Management System

The process that led to the implementation of this system began in 1999 when group of individuals representing the owners of the major ERP systems at the university met to investigate the state of the technology and determine if a product was available that would meet the needs of the university. After investigating the technology … Continue reading "Ryerson University – Financial Services’ Document Management System"

16 avril 2006

University specific online WHMIS Course for training university staff, students and visitors

The development of the program was a collaboration between the Office of Risk Management (ORM), the Centre for e-Learning, and the Centre for Mediated Teaching and Learning of the Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS). ORM developed the technical content and Centre for e-Learning developed the WebCT learning and programming framework, as well as the … Continue reading "University specific online WHMIS Course for training university staff, students and visitors"

16 avril 2006

UMSAFE Program: University of Manitoba Student Alcohol Function Education Program

In 1994 when the UM Alcohol Beverage Committee (ABC) authorized the creation of what became the UMSAFE Program, they created a sub-committee to carry out the project. This sub-committee consisted of a student representative, a Security Services officer and the Special Functions Special Events Coordinator. Although the student representative left the university shortly after the … Continue reading "UMSAFE Program: University of Manitoba Student Alcohol Function Education Program"

16 avril 2006

Partnering to Project Success

“Partnering” as an approach to the design and construction of major capital projects, means steady involvement for the projects numerous Stakeholder Groups. The task of the Design Team is to translate the User requirements and aspirations into a building to support the intended functions. This cannot be accomplished without extensive involvement of Stakeholders. Indeed our … Continue reading "Partnering to Project Success"

16 avril 2005

Memorial University: Meeting the Quality Challenge

From the very beginning the philosophy underpinning the program was based on inclusivity. Teams were formed to write up procedures, orientation sessions were held for all employees, over 200 employees participated in a week of one day forums, forty-four employees volunteered to be trained as internal auditors. When milestones were reached comensalation was given across … Continue reading "Memorial University: Meeting the Quality Challenge"

16 avril 2004

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