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There are financial aspects to every department of an academic institution, and postsecondary organizations across Canada are facing increased pressure on their budgets and overall accountability. Yet in many cases, faculty and staff who are responsible for managing or administering budgets and money issues have little financial background, and they report not just a lack … Continue reading "RYERSON UNIVERSITY’S FINANCIAL SERVICES CERTIFICATE PROGRAM"

16 avril 2014


The York University community was actively involved in the reorganization of this service. It was crucial to obtain the feedback and input from the York Community with respect to the demand for service, utilization, experience, and suggestions for improvement. There were focus groups with internal unionized staff members who work in the field and various … Continue reading "goSAFE"

16 avril 2010

Rewire: Reducing energy through behaviour change and culture shift

Institutional and cultural transformations are the core goals of this behaviour-change project. As mentioned, Rewire draws upon social-psychology, specifically community-based social marketing (CBSM) and the Theory of Planned Behaviour. Both approaches have worked to shift behaviour and retain behaviour change over the long-term. By employing the tools and logic of CBSM, we have been able … Continue reading "Rewire: Reducing energy through behaviour change and culture shift"

16 avril 2009

Implementing a Quality Management System in a Post-Secondary Institution

Since accomplishing ISO registration, the evolution of the institution is apparent. The most evident of changes is in the clarity of roles and responsibilities amongst staff; an enhanced reputation of DELT amongst other Canadian distance delivery providers; and, DELT’s recognized quality standard of service as acknowledged by several national awards in course development, technology adoption … Continue reading "Implementing a Quality Management System in a Post-Secondary Institution"

16 avril 2009

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