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Development and Implementation of an Asbestos Management Program

A special Asbestos Management Program Review Committee was established to assist in the development of the program. It included representatives of the Environmental Health and Safety Office, Physical Plant, Information Services & Technology, and all the bargaining units on campus (including the CAW, UM Faculty Association, The Association Of Employees Supporting Education Services and CUPE). … Continue reading "Development and Implementation of an Asbestos Management Program"

April 16, 2004

Implementing an Improved and Standardized Process for Procurement of Design and Construction Services

New methodologies and procedures cannot be implemented successfully without support from ail administrative levels of an institution and those that the process affects. An ad hoc committee involving Purchasing and Physical Plant was struck to look at the existing situation and staff of ail ranks researched different aspects of possible solutions. Research done by both … Continue reading "Implementing an Improved and Standardized Process for Procurement of Design and Construction Services"

April 16, 2004

WUFO/WUSMA Reference Guide of Issues Impacting Universities

The concept of a Q & A book started within Financial Services of the University of Manitoba. Once the concept was agreed to it was up to the organizing committee to start soliciting questions from WUFOA/VUSMA members. This involved sending emails to over 120 people in 17 institutions. This processed started in April and took … Continue reading "WUFO/WUSMA Reference Guide of Issues Impacting Universities"

April 16, 2004

Benefits Driven Procurement Through Strategic Alliances!

The private sector model was used as the springboard to establish this program at UVic. Suppliers and Distributors are supported extensively by manufacturers through marketing support (funds), volume rebates, sponsorships based on sales volumes, product samples, contests, etc. It is common practice that the larger manufacturers and suppliers support their customers through their marketing resources … Continue reading "Benefits Driven Procurement Through Strategic Alliances!"

April 16, 2004

Campus Wide Wireless LAN

There was extensive consultation with staff, faculty and students. There were meeting with the campus system administration before embarking on the project to make sure they felt a campus wide network made sense for the University. We also met with The Student Executive team to make sure they understood the project and benefits. The project … Continue reading "Campus Wide Wireless LAN"

April 16, 2004

Implementation of Electronic Supplier Payment System

In order to assess the impact on those affected by the change, Queen’s surveyed 40 companies that have been the recipients of electronic payments. Of those that replied (50%), 100 percent expressed high satisfaction with the payment service. The nature of this system ensures portability. As long as the existing accounting system has the capability … Continue reading "Implementation of Electronic Supplier Payment System"

April 16, 2004

Implementing Bar Code Package Tracking in a Centralized Materials Management Environment

Materials Management and the supplier handled the initial development and implementation. The planning involved a complete process analysis of business activities to ensure all pertinent information was considered before implementation. The main stakeholder involved was the Information Technology Department. They provided expertise on populating databases so the Package Tracking System could query pertinent information for … Continue reading "Implementing Bar Code Package Tracking in a Centralized Materials Management Environment"

April 16, 2004

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