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Flexing for the Future: Redefining Services, Roles, Spaces, and Success in a Hybrid Work Environment

Through the Hybrid Work Arrangements (HWA) program developed and implemented by the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education’s (OISE) prioritizing flexibility, community needs, and innovative service delivery, OISE has not only weathered the challenges posed by the pandemic but has also proactively shaped its academic and operational landscape for the future.  OISE’s HWA program is … Continue reading "Flexing for the Future: Redefining Services, Roles, Spaces, and Success in a Hybrid Work Environment"

June 10, 2024

Envisioning a More Sustainable McGill

With the climate crisis upon us it is important we all feel empowered to act, and according to the United Nations, a lack of sustainability literacy discourages individuals from becoming committed to building a sustainable future and prevents them from making informed decisions. Improving sustainability literacy and education empowers individuals to act responsibly when it … Continue reading "Envisioning a More Sustainable McGill"

June 10, 2024

A modular approach to multi-disciplinary high intensity laboratories

McGill, a research-intensive University, must aim to support the University’s research mission by offering cutting-edge laboratories. Consequently, planning for high-intensity research laboratories plays an important role in the campus’ growth while presenting the greatest infrastructure challenge, given the high construction cost and limited compatibility with the adaptive reuse of existing buildings. In McGill’s 2019 Master … Continue reading "A modular approach to multi-disciplinary high intensity laboratories"

June 10, 2024

Information Security Compliance Support Program

Higher-education institutions globally are grappling with the ever-present risk of a cybersecurity breach. Ongoing pressure to report on risk and compliance is known to many, but most struggle with how. You may know what controls are required… training, multi-factor authentication, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), MFA, self-phishing and vulnerability management to name a few. But … Continue reading "Information Security Compliance Support Program"

June 10, 2024

Roots – Building capacity in B.C’s Food Service Sector to increase the use of local foods

The SFU Roots Program, a comprehensive initiative in British Columbia, aims to fortify the local food system by infusing more plant-based, locally sourced ingredients into food operations. Beyond the confines of SFU, the program extends its impact across the BC public sector. By focusing on skills development, knowledge dissemination, and raising awareness, Roots empowers food … Continue reading "Roots – Building capacity in B.C’s Food Service Sector to increase the use of local foods"

June 10, 2024

Strategic Planning and Enterprise Risk Management: Developing an Integrated System

Saskatchewan Polytechnic has developed a process known as Strategic Cascading, which is used to operationalize the strategic plan by translating strategy into action. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has been fully integrated into the strategic cascading process. The ERM program provides a structured, consistent, and continuous process to identify and manage risks that could influence the … Continue reading "Strategic Planning and Enterprise Risk Management: Developing an Integrated System"

June 10, 2024

Hélène Desmarais Building: A Stakeholder-Driven Project

When constructing a new building in a historic, urban area — as HEC Montréal did with the Hélène Desmarais Building, inaugurated in September 2023 — buy-in, transparency and social acceptability are a must. Any project involving numerous internal and external stakeholders requires appropriate planning and processes related to change management, sustainable development and communications in … Continue reading "Hélène Desmarais Building: A Stakeholder-Driven Project"

June 10, 2024

CAUBO 2023: Main Conference Presentations

Click below to download available CAUBO 2023 Main Conference presentations. Looking for the functional seminars? Visit the presentations page for CAUBO 2023’s functional seminars. PLENARY SESSIONS Tuesday, May 9, 2023 Wednesday, May 10, 2023

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September 26, 2023

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