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Employee E-Bike Loan Program

The University of Victoria is dedicated to supporting and promoting sustainable transportation choices and infrastructure for the campus community, lowering emissions, and supporting healthy communities. The goal of the Employee E-Bike Loan Pilot Program is to further accelerate sustainable transportation options for commuting to campus and across the Greater Victoria area by incentivizing the purchase … Continue reading "Employee E-Bike Loan Program"

May 15, 2023

Ancillary Benchmark Dashboards

Ancillary operations have become an increasingly prominent area of focus at universities. There is a recognized need for reliable data to help administrators identify opportunities for improved efficiencies. The Ancillary Benchmark survey series provides a key performance indicator dashboard for three major ancillary areas. A dashboard containing the detailed data for each survey is available … Continue reading "Ancillary Benchmark Dashboards"

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August 13, 2021

UBC’s Try an E-Bike Program

To support UBC’s sustainable transportation target of at least 66% of trips to and from the university being made by sustainable modes, UBC developed the “Try an E-Bike Program” pilot. The program provided participants with 24hours of free e-bike rentals and discounts towards the purchase of an e-bike at six participating local bike shops. The … Continue reading "UBC’s Try an E-Bike Program"

June 29, 2020

Planning for progress: Ancillary services’ multi-year strategic plans contribute to bottom-line success. Excellence in Administrative Efficiency – McMaster University

Over the last several years, the ancillary services group at McMaster University has generated a financial about-face, moving out of deficits and paying off debts while covering all of their own costs, including market-rate rent of approximately $5.5 million yearly, plus utilities and capital costs, as well as making additional annual financial contributions of $3.5 … Continue reading "Planning for progress: Ancillary services’ multi-year strategic plans contribute to bottom-line success. Excellence in Administrative Efficiency – McMaster University"

June 29, 2020

Transformational Change – Moving Ancillary Units to Fully Contributing For-Profit Business Enterprises

At McMaster University, like other Canadian universities and colleges, has a number of student support departments, also call ancillary services. These are activities the generally fall as secondary to the University’s mission, but are an essential part of student support activities. These services include: Housing and Conference Services, Hospitality and Catering Services, Campus Store, Media … Continue reading "Transformational Change – Moving Ancillary Units to Fully Contributing For-Profit Business Enterprises"

June 29, 2020

Flexible Parking Permits

 Our students wanted more affordable and more flexible parking permit options at the University of Manitoba. They wanted to be able to park less often, without having to pay a premuim to do so. Flexible parking permits are re-shaping how we look at parking permits.  Parking Services ran a flexible permit pilot project that offered … Continue reading "Flexible Parking Permits"

June 29, 2020

Campus Strategic Sustainability Plan

In 2008, environmental sustainability was identified as one of Thompson Rivers University’s (TRU) seven founding values in 2008. To this end, in 2009, the TRU created the Sustainability Office, to ensure that sustainability would be considered in all university planning initiatives.  While significant sustainability work was accomplished between 2009 and 2013, TRU had not yet … Continue reading "Campus Strategic Sustainability Plan"

June 10, 2019

Incorporating Sustainability into University Governance: Sustainability Strategy 2016-2018

The University of Manitoba’s Sustainability Policy outlines a commitment to excellence and leadership based on a strategy of broad engagement and integrated planning across the entire University community. In response to the Policy, the Sustainability Committee and the Office of Sustainability undertook broad engagement to identify priorities for the University. Based on the results, the … Continue reading "Incorporating Sustainability into University Governance: Sustainability Strategy 2016-2018"

January 25, 2017

The UVic Campus Bike Centre

The Campus Bike Centre is transferable based on two primary features. First, the Centre is located within a section of a parkade, and came about through the repurposing of28 premium paid vehicle parking spots. Second, the Centre is the highest single concentration of bike parking stalls on campus and acts as a cycling hub. Other … Continue reading "The UVic Campus Bike Centre"

April 16, 2015

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