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UVic’s Shared Resources Program

The Shared Resources program was developed to redeploy UVic employees on temporary layoff due to COVID-19 and to provide a mechanism for UVic departments to share capacity among staff based on increased or decreased workloads. UVic’s response to COVID-19, as with most universities, created a surge in demand for services in some departments, and a lack of … Continue reading "UVic’s Shared Resources Program"

June 15, 2021

Campus Strategic Sustainability Plan

In 2008, environmental sustainability was identified as one of Thompson Rivers University’s (TRU) seven founding values in 2008. To this end, in 2009, the TRU created the Sustainability Office, to ensure that sustainability would be considered in all university planning initiatives.  While significant sustainability work was accomplished between 2009 and 2013, TRU had not yet … Continue reading "Campus Strategic Sustainability Plan"

June 10, 2019

Finance Support Program

Our finance support program really is all about support.  Support to department heads to ensure that they receive consistent, relevant information to base their decisions on.  Support in navigating the administrative tasks which are key to the smooth operation of their department. To achieve our support objectives we provided comprehensive training and resources to key … Continue reading "Finance Support Program"

January 22, 2018

University of Victoria Service Excellence Program

   In January 2014, the president of the University of Victoria reported to the campus community the results of his extensive campus conversation consultations. The report identified challenges “in maintaining our high levels of collaboration, engagement, and collegiality” and recommended, “To address these challenges we must improve our internal communications and engagement processes” (University of … Continue reading "University of Victoria Service Excellence Program"

January 25, 2017

Managing Risk by Building Culture – Operational Excellence

The Operational Excellence Series is a practical learning program offered to Western employees involved in the administration of people, financial or other administrative processes across the University. The first of 14 courses was offered in August, 2015, and over the last 18 months, 315 administrators have participated. Operational Excellence was developed following a needs assessment … Continue reading "Managing Risk by Building Culture – Operational Excellence"

January 12, 2017

Creation of PRODIGE, a project management software

Faced with the necessity to innovate and acquire a computerized project management system, a project team of nine employees from the various divisions of the UdeM’s Campus Property Management began analyzing construction project management activities in January 2012. The scope of the project extended well beyond a mere review process. Over the course of the … Continue reading "Creation of PRODIGE, a project management software"

April 16, 2015

40,000 users, one unique experience

With over a hundred employees and 460 student employees, Student Life Services (SLS) is one of the UQAM campus’ largest employers, serving over 40,000 students. Such a large service poses some obvious challenges. How can we share an organizational culture when teams are divided into five distinct services that rarely work together and are not … Continue reading "40,000 users, one unique experience"

April 16, 2015

Why carry two Cell phones?

Countless organizations and universities across Canada issue cell phones to their employees for work purposes. Most people today carry a personal cell phone already and are now faced with the prospect of carrying two at all times. Exactly this also happened to Mount Allison University employees. Within the Computing Services Department at Mount Allison University … Continue reading "Why carry two Cell phones?"

April 16, 2015

Transforming Human Resources: A Holistic Approach to Service

Without increasing the complement of staff, Human Resources completely changed its approach to client service. From the physical environment in the reception area to the additional operating hours, a totally new culture has taken hold. Now, as a matter of course, staff go the extra mile for their clients. By moving away from specialists at … Continue reading "Transforming Human Resources: A Holistic Approach to Service"

April 16, 2010

UBC Quick Start Orientation program

Stakeholders were actively involved in the assessment, analysis, and research that framed the content of the Quick Start tool. During the initial research, we collected and analyzed data from the department campus units, public sector organizations, including universities, govemment departments, and top employer organizations, new faculty and staff who were contacted through polling, surveying, and … Continue reading "UBC Quick Start Orientation program"

April 16, 2008

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