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Staff Fitness Program

The McGill Staff Fitness Program is truly a McGill community team initiative that involves academic staff, administrative and support staff, the central administration, and students. The vision and concept for the McGill Staff Fitness Program were developed by three individuals: Kate Williams, former Director, University Relations, Jill Barker, Assistant Manager, Recreation and Fitness, Department of … Continue reading "Staff Fitness Program"

April 16, 2005

Benefits Driven Procurement Through Strategic Alliances!

The private sector model was used as the springboard to establish this program at UVic. Suppliers and Distributors are supported extensively by manufacturers through marketing support (funds), volume rebates, sponsorships based on sales volumes, product samples, contests, etc. It is common practice that the larger manufacturers and suppliers support their customers through their marketing resources … Continue reading "Benefits Driven Procurement Through Strategic Alliances!"

April 16, 2004

Quick-Calc – A Web-Based Budget Calculator

This web-based estimating tool could not have been developed without the continuing support of our clients and Facilities Management staff. Facilities Management staff and our clients have been a part of the process from the very start. In the beginning Facilities Management staff and clients reviewed, analyzed, and helped to assess how projects were handled. … Continue reading "Quick-Calc – A Web-Based Budget Calculator"

April 16, 2004

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