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Generating a culture of safety within the student body, staff, and faculty at Mount Saint Vincent University

On March 31, 2004, the Westray Bill, Bill C-45, was approved by the federal government and established unprecedented legal responsibilities for employers to ensure the safety of the people performing work in their facility. More importantly, Bill C-45 added section 217.1 to the criminal code of Canada, which read: Everyone who undertakes, or has the … Continue reading "Generating a culture of safety within the student body, staff, and faculty at Mount Saint Vincent University"

April 16, 2015

Bonfire: A new ‘Best Practice’ tool for the Competitive Bid (RFx) Evaluation Process

Ryerson and Laurier worked closely with Bonfire to ensure their system meets the unique requirements of universities while addressing the new BPS procurement directives. Specifically, Bonfire shaped its system to accommodate the varying forms of procurement styles (e.g., contract A/B and the negotiated RFP model) including higher accountability standards for BPS organizations. The company also … Continue reading "Bonfire: A new ‘Best Practice’ tool for the Competitive Bid (RFx) Evaluation Process"

April 16, 2014

Integrated Campus Radio System

Our radio system project is completely transferable. After an RFP and testing process we selected MOTOTRBO XPR 6500 Digital Portable Radios from Spectrum Communications in Kitchener Ontario. Since we began using this system we have improved communication throughout the campus, and most importantly increased personal safety on campus. In order to facilitate the transferability, you … Continue reading "Integrated Campus Radio System"

April 16, 2014


The York University community was actively involved in the reorganization of this service. It was crucial to obtain the feedback and input from the York Community with respect to the demand for service, utilization, experience, and suggestions for improvement. There were focus groups with internal unionized staff members who work in the field and various … Continue reading "goSAFE"

April 16, 2010

Campus Emergency Management in an Information Age

The direction the University of Windsor has taken in the development of our overall emergency preparedness program has totally transformed our ability to effectively prepare, plan, respond and recover from any emergency. There has been a full cultural shift from the days of the binder on the shelf to a professional model of preparedness that … Continue reading "Campus Emergency Management in an Information Age"

April 16, 2009

McGill University Security Services Community Relations Patroller

Unlike other initiatives that involve many stakeholders, the successful implementation of this initiative involved very few people. The position of the Comml!nity Relations Patroller was created from .existing resources and no extra funding was needed. The success of the initiative is a result of the widespread support it has received since its implementation. The McGill … Continue reading "McGill University Security Services Community Relations Patroller"

April 16, 2009

Desktop Management Program

The Desktop Management Program resulted in a series of improvements to the quality of services for students and staff, improved productivity, and significant decreases in expenses. With the publicizing of the completed project, several large units at the University have begun implementation of a similar program, recognizing its advantages for both staff and the students … Continue reading "Desktop Management Program"

April 16, 2009

Major building retrofit for reduced energy consumption and improved occupant comfort

We’ve worked closely with vendors, campus IT providers and student groups in defining configurations, both generally and specifically. We’ve also worked hand-in-hand with staff in Student and Enrolment Services to promote the program to incoming students. The Laptops 4U program could be implemented relatively easily at other institutions since it is a completely voluntary program … Continue reading "Major building retrofit for reduced energy consumption and improved occupant comfort"

April 16, 2008

Implementing FAST WebReq at UNBC

Millennium would periodically come to campus and meet with the clients to ensure their needs were met and the WebReq features could be customized for the campus. The stakeholder input resulted in a web-based application the users/department took ownership of and was designed to fit university requirements. A pilot group was then created to review … Continue reading "Implementing FAST WebReq at UNBC"

April 16, 2008

Messaging @ Concordia University

We worked closely with the university’s Internal and Web Communications group to ensure that we implemented a service that would not only reach the most number of people, but that would be easy to use. This group ensured that we included the most useful and widely used student information within our messaging menu system. They … Continue reading "Messaging @ Concordia University"

April 16, 2008

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