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Implementing a Quality Management System in a Post-Secondary Institution

Since accomplishing ISO registration, the evolution of the institution is apparent. The most evident of changes is in the clarity of roles and responsibilities amongst staff; an enhanced reputation of DELT amongst other Canadian distance delivery providers; and, DELT’s recognized quality standard of service as acknowledged by several national awards in course development, technology adoption … Continue reading "Implementing a Quality Management System in a Post-Secondary Institution"

April 16, 2009

VRE: Open Source Research Environment

The VRE represents nothing less than a fundamental transformation of the mission of the academic library and will remain a critical component of the core services of the Robertson Library. Academic libraries are facing a juggernaut of change, whether from big deal licensing or large-scale digitization projects such as Google Books, and the more innovative … Continue reading "VRE: Open Source Research Environment"

April 16, 2009

Finance Certification

Many departments on campus had requested data entry access but had been turned down due to weak internal controls and the lack of a central training program. The development of the Finance Certification program opened up access to the system, which has given many new departments the ability to take control of their financial processes. … Continue reading "Finance Certification"

April 16, 2008

University Contractor Safety and Health Program

The Winnipeg division of the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM) and the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association’s Safety, Health and Environment Program (SHEP) have endorsed the University of Manitoba’s Contractor Safety Program and are strong supporters. The Program was presented to Manitoba industry at the Manitoba Construction Safety Conference in 2006. CSAM offers recognition of … Continue reading "University Contractor Safety and Health Program"

April 16, 2008

UBC Ecotrek Project: Reducing energy consumption and improve/renew infrastructure through a cost recoverable mechanism

Over the last 3 years, there were more than 550 trades people involved in the construction of Ecotrek. Nearly, every person among the 43,000 faculty, staff and students on campus were affected by the retrofit. They looked at energy, at water, sewage, all the utility inputs and outputs of the university. They looked at personal … Continue reading "UBC Ecotrek Project: Reducing energy consumption and improve/renew infrastructure through a cost recoverable mechanism"

April 16, 2008

Internal Control Review Project (ICRP) (Control Environment Assesment)

The members of the Internal Control Review Project Team were involved in the review of the individual statements that were adapted from the COSO model. Members recommended changes which typically involved semantics without compromising context. A demonstration session was then held with all team members, to determine approximate time to conduct a session and to … Continue reading "Internal Control Review Project (ICRP) (Control Environment Assesment)"

April 16, 2007

Tri-Council Compliance Project

Specific consultations were not conducted with the research community about this project. However, it is understood that researchers are the primary beneficiaries of improved administrative processes and increased understanding/awareness of Tri-Council guidelines. The effort expended on the administration of research activity has the greatest impact on Research Services and Financial Reporting. Due to the close … Continue reading "Tri-Council Compliance Project"

April 16, 2007

A Transformational Policy Framework

Throughout the policy development process all levels of the institution get involved from subject matter experts to vice-presidential offices. Each posted policy in UAPPOL reflects the input and advice from stakeholders, governance and end-users. Institution-wide involvement is well reflected in the universal acceptance of the acronym “UAPPOL.” Everyone knows the place to find a university-wide … Continue reading "A Transformational Policy Framework"

April 16, 2007

Managing major construction projects on-time, on-budget and on-ethic ‰ÛÒ a holistic approach

The Construction Control Group has empowered the frontline stakeholders to do “the right thing” every time. The process has involved Board members, the President’s team, the executing departments – all the way through to the enthusiastic installation of faculty and students in the new facilities. The broad participation has created a sense of tangible personal … Continue reading "Managing major construction projects on-time, on-budget and on-ethic ‰ÛÒ a holistic approach"

April 16, 2007

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