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The design, development and implementation of Health Check sessions for staff members of the University of Calgary

The Health Check initiative was developed by a team of U of C staff members who applied their expertise in a creative and thoughtful manner. The Advisory Committee for Health, Wellbeing and Effectiveness is advisory to Human Resources, and is a broad-based group with representation from key stakeholders. It supports and promotes the mandate to … Continue reading "The design, development and implementation of Health Check sessions for staff members of the University of Calgary"

April 16, 2005

Support Staff Recognition Award Program

The University of Alberta’s recognition programs are a direct extension of a culture that values and appreciates the contributions and efforts put forth by each and every staff member regardless of job position. In 1998, the University of Alberta established a Workplace Wellness network where representatives all areas of the campus community looked at current … Continue reading "Support Staff Recognition Award Program"

April 16, 2005

Business Process Committee

The Business Process Committee includes representation from Senior Management, financial administration, information technology, student services, human resources, academic, customized training and internal audit. The Committee invites College leaders to many of its biweekly meetings (e.g. Registrar, Director of Human Resources, Director of Admissions, etc). The College’s Senior Leadership Team receives periodic status reports. The format … Continue reading "Business Process Committee"

April 16, 2005

Memorial University: Meeting the Quality Challenge

From the very beginning the philosophy underpinning the program was based on inclusivity. Teams were formed to write up procedures, orientation sessions were held for all employees, over 200 employees participated in a week of one day forums, forty-four employees volunteered to be trained as internal auditors. When milestones were reached comensalation was given across … Continue reading "Memorial University: Meeting the Quality Challenge"

April 16, 2004

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