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Performance Development Project

In 2020 Trinity Western University (TWU) will complete a multi-year project that redesigned and re-envisioned our staff performance development framework and system.   TWU is post-secondary intuition that is uniquely positioned as a liberal arts university in a competitive job market and needs to attract and retain top employee talent so we can achieve strategic … Continue reading "Performance Development Project"

June 29, 2020

UBC’s Try an E-Bike Program

To support UBC’s sustainable transportation target of at least 66% of trips to and from the university being made by sustainable modes, UBC developed the “Try an E-Bike Program” pilot. The program provided participants with 24hours of free e-bike rentals and discounts towards the purchase of an e-bike at six participating local bike shops. The … Continue reading "UBC’s Try an E-Bike Program"

June 29, 2020

Agile Process Implementation in Internal Audit

Internal Audit Services (IAS) adopted an Agile Manifesto in August of 2018, resulting in significant shifts in approach and processes that have resulted in improved value for the institution. While Agile is thought of as a set of tools and methodologies, it is a set of 4 values and 12 principles that guide IAS in … Continue reading "Agile Process Implementation in Internal Audit"

June 29, 2020

The Analysis, Planning and Budget (APB) Trend Forecast

McGill’s unrestricted revenues and expenses total over $1.8 billion per year (combined), which means that unrestricted revenue or expense activity averages about $5M per day. The Analysis, Planning and Budget (APB) Trend Forecast was introduced in 2018/2019 to provide every Faculty, service, and administrative unit with a customized annual forecast for their area using their … Continue reading "The Analysis, Planning and Budget (APB) Trend Forecast"

June 29, 2020

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