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Intercultural Development Staff Training Program (IDSTP)

The Intercultural Development Staff Training Program (IDSTP) is a multi-phase and modular series of workshops and experiences. It aims to support staff members to become more globally competent institutional representatives in their cross-cultural dealings with students, faculty, staff, and outside communities.   The program is structured into four discrete and sequential blocks of learning. Each … Continue reading "Intercultural Development Staff Training Program (IDSTP)"

June 10, 2019

LIVING Together

The idea for our “LIVING Together” initiative has grown organically from an initial emphasis on sustainability to a fully-fledged program aimed at providing students with innovative and cutting-edge residence life programming. The University has received countless inquiries and/or visits in relation to our sustainability and community engagement activities. As well, our most recent installment within … Continue reading "LIVING Together"

April 16, 2009

Archimède: Une solution canadienne pour le dépôt institutionnel

ARCHIMÈDE is a team effort involving many specialists from the Laval University Library. The project’s success is dependent on the collaborative efforts of these individuals as well as those of the “Open Source” community, and the use of applications and frameworks developed through community cooperation. In order to realize our project, we used the following … Continue reading "Archimède: Une solution canadienne pour le dépôt institutionnel"

April 16, 2005

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