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Web Based Employment Application Process

We have had ongoing discussions with departments over the years in order to try to continually streamline our staffing function. The development and implementation of the web application originally involved the Department of Academic Computing Web Authoring Group at Dalhousie University in consultation with Staffing Services. The ongoing web maintenance of the application is now … Continue reading "Web Based Employment Application Process"

April 16, 2007

Open-Plan Program

The University of Alberta has experienced dramatic growth in recent years. Efficient and responsible spending is critical. University Planners and Project Managers work collaboratively and consultatively with the campus community on all design initiatives, encouraging contemporary design and furniture standards All faculties and departments are involved in the development of the general and detailed space … Continue reading "Open-Plan Program"

April 16, 2007

The Paperless Office: Putting Students Online no In Line

While the technical development and implementation of SATS was accomplished by IT personnel, ail staff In the Office of the Registrar at U of T Mississauga played a major role in the project – presenting ideas, giving feedback, and helping to create the processes which would enhance student services. AH staff share a sense of … Continue reading "The Paperless Office: Putting Students Online no In Line"

April 16, 2007

UBC SEEDS: Maximizing Student, Staff, and Faculty Synergies

Multiple stakeholder involvement is at the heart of SEEDS. In the initial project meetings, the SEEDS Manager works with staff and faculty to carefully clarify the desired outcomes, and to establish solid commitment among the participants. It is vital to ensure that the research or field of study that staff members require fit well with … Continue reading "UBC SEEDS: Maximizing Student, Staff, and Faculty Synergies"

April 16, 2007

Creating a Coaching Culture

The original pilot project was focused on 1-on-1 coaching and seen as so important by the stakeholders that it was sponsored by: the Association for Administrative and Professional Staff (AAPS); Human Resources; the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Medicine. In the first year a total of 76 clients participated, representing: AAPS members (75%), … Continue reading "Creating a Coaching Culture"

April 16, 2006

Diversity Strategy – Aligning people strategies to transform the workplace culture at the University of Saskatchewan in pursuit of a Representative Workforce

Community and stakeholder involvement is a critical component of the diversity strategy. Examples are: – The University partnered with the Province to develop the partnership for Aboriginal employment. – MOU with Wanuskewin Heritage Park to facilitate Aboriginal awareness education. – Discussions with the Aboriginal community resulted in the development of a Conceptual Framework for Aboriginal … Continue reading "Diversity Strategy – Aligning people strategies to transform the workplace culture at the University of Saskatchewan in pursuit of a Representative Workforce"

April 16, 2006

Implementation and Development of a utility Data Historian

The development and implementation involved a team consisting of key operational staff, management, the university’s IT staff and a local consulting firm. As the project evolved and opportunities for leveraging the technology became evident, research and administrative staff also played a key role in promoting the initiative. Once the project got off the ground, applications … Continue reading "Implementation and Development of a utility Data Historian"

April 16, 2006

Interactive Web-based Budgeting & Forcasting Toolset

The success of this initiative is due largely to the extensive consultation with stakeholders. A wide range of university community members at various levels were approached for input and feedback throughout the development of the instrument. The input/feedback was continuously integrated into the development, implementation and evaluation phases of the process. The initial year of … Continue reading "Interactive Web-based Budgeting & Forcasting Toolset"

April 16, 2006

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