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Robotics and Technology in Campus Food Services

Prior to COVID-19, Sheridan College had begun a process of revamping their food services operations. Sheridan only has retail outlets on campus and does not have dining halls. Costs to run longer hours of these outlets were not financially feasible given the sales after normal class hours. In order to better serve both residential and … Continue reading "Robotics and Technology in Campus Food Services"

June 15, 2021

Building an effective RFP structure for Food Services Management to allow for focus and flexibility while navigating a global pandemic

University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) currently contracts Food Services Management on their Prince George campus. The vendor provides exclusive Vending, Catering, Retail, and Dining Hall Services. In preparation for a change in contract in Summer 2020, UNBC Business Services engaged the UNBC community to develop a Request for Proposals (RFP) that reflected the broad … Continue reading "Building an effective RFP structure for Food Services Management to allow for focus and flexibility while navigating a global pandemic"

June 15, 2021

Virtual Labs to Support Remote Learning

In March 2020, learning shifted online in response to COVID-19 and it became clear that ICT needed to create a reliable, secure virtual environment for instructors to provide computer lab lessons that students could access remotely. Students needed to be able to use their own computing devices to access the virtual environment via the internet … Continue reading "Virtual Labs to Support Remote Learning"

June 15, 2021

UVic’s New Student Connect program

The New Student Connect program is an online university community where new students from all over the world connect with others entering their first-year at UVic using Microsoft Teams. Throughout the 2020-2021 Academic year, UVic has hired and trained a host of compassionate and experienced upper-year students who want to make the first-year experience of these students … Continue reading "UVic’s New Student Connect program"

June 15, 2021

UVic’s Shared Resources Program

The Shared Resources program was developed to redeploy UVic employees on temporary layoff due to COVID-19 and to provide a mechanism for UVic departments to share capacity among staff based on increased or decreased workloads. UVic’s response to COVID-19, as with most universities, created a surge in demand for services in some departments, and a lack of … Continue reading "UVic’s Shared Resources Program"

June 15, 2021

Optimizing Registrarial Student Services and Staff Workflow in a Remote Environment through “AskRegistrar”

AskRegistrar is a by-product of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was conceptualized, developed, tested, and launched for students within a 5 month period (April – August 2020) to modernize our services, improve our students’ experience, and create a more efficient workflow for our staff. Leveraging the ServiceNow platform, AskRegistrar services over 15,600 undergraduate students, approximately 300 … Continue reading "Optimizing Registrarial Student Services and Staff Workflow in a Remote Environment through “AskRegistrar”"

June 15, 2021

Digitization of Exam Management Processes

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Polytechnique Montréal’s Printing and Digital Services came up with the idea of digitizing the processes used to manage in-person exams for the fall 2020 term. This involved digitizing all of the exams so that marking and other associated processes could be managed electronically. This resulted in a wide range … Continue reading "Digitization of Exam Management Processes"

June 15, 2021

Engaging Front Line Food Service Staff to Enhance Student Success

With a focus on identifying and supporting students in need, Trent University Food Services leveraged an existing staff training program, the Student Support Certificate, to train front line food service staff in methods to identify students at risk and provide them appropriate referrals and resources.  The Student Support Certificate program was designed as a professional … Continue reading "Engaging Front Line Food Service Staff to Enhance Student Success"

June 29, 2020

Planning a Research Trajectory: Strategies for Success

What if every University could set new faculty members up to have successful research trajectories early on in their careers? Starting in 2018, a team within University of Waterloo’s Office of Research set out to do just that.  Rather than continuing to offer piecemeal introductions to the variety of services available, the team members wanted … Continue reading "Planning a Research Trajectory: Strategies for Success"

June 29, 2020

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