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Campus Wide Wireless LAN

There was extensive consultation with staff, faculty and students. There were meeting with the campus system administration before embarking on the project to make sure they felt a campus wide network made sense for the University. We also met with The Student Executive team to make sure they understood the project and benefits. The project … Continue reading "Campus Wide Wireless LAN"

April 16, 2004

Data Logging: A Tool for Doing More with Less.

The stakeholders were/are our students and laboratory supervisors and student assistants, and our chemistry faculty and those of cognate departments. During the winter of 1996 and the spring of 1997, we designed our computer-mediated laboratory based on the outcomes of a series of presentations, demonstrations and discussions with our students, faculty and lab support staff. … Continue reading "Data Logging: A Tool for Doing More with Less."

April 16, 2004

The ReSearcher Resource Sharing Project

As already stated ReSearcher has been developed as a consortium wide project so the interests of many institutions needed to be taken into account. In order to meet these varied needs ReSearcher was from the beginning envisaged as a standards based but highly flexible software package. This flexibility has allowed other institutions to use components … Continue reading "The ReSearcher Resource Sharing Project"

April 16, 2004

A Consolidated Billing and Payment Web Service for Students and Departments

The BPR project was the result of negative feedback about bill payment from students through surveys and counter questionnaires. We also heard from parents and staff that the old process of fee payment was time consuming and inconvenient. The BPR team consulted with students and staff during the initial redesign, and concluded that a single … Continue reading "A Consolidated Billing and Payment Web Service for Students and Departments"

April 16, 2004

Healthy and Safe Work Environment for Caretakers

The Caretaking Steering team had sponsorship from the AVP, Human Resources and the AVP, Physical Plant. The membership of the committee included Caretaking staff, Rehabilitation Services, CUPE 2361 representatives, Occupational Health and Safety, the AVP, Housing and Ancillary Services, and Human Resources. The task teams that were created in response to the caretaker’s focus groups … Continue reading "Healthy and Safe Work Environment for Caretakers"

April 16, 2004

Server and Service Account Management (SSAM) System

The implementation projects included system managers from central ITS and departments or colleges across campus, help desk staff, college based IT staff, and administrative application personnel. Colleges and departments using SSAM include:Commerce, Medicine, Pharmacy & Nutrition, Nursing, Dentistry, Arts & Science, Computer Science, Education, Kinesiology, Engineering, the Financial Services Division, Student and Enrolment Services, University … Continue reading "Server and Service Account Management (SSAM) System"

April 16, 2004

Memorial University: Meeting the Quality Challenge

From the very beginning the philosophy underpinning the program was based on inclusivity. Teams were formed to write up procedures, orientation sessions were held for all employees, over 200 employees participated in a week of one day forums, forty-four employees volunteered to be trained as internal auditors. When milestones were reached comensalation was given across … Continue reading "Memorial University: Meeting the Quality Challenge"

April 16, 2004

The McGill Web Publishing Content Management System

  The McGill Web Publishing CMS concept can be ported or adapted to any university environment. It is ideally suited to large decentralized institutions, because while it manages production and publishing centrally, it distributes ownership of the content and provides tools for editing locally. Our system uses open source software and an industry standard SQL … Continue reading "The McGill Web Publishing Content Management System"

April 16, 2004

Applying Activity Based Costing to Supply Chain Management in a University Context

As this is a management decision support tool, the focus has been internal to the Materials Management area. However, University of Calgary Information Technology (UCIT) has had a relatively large stake in the enhancement of the ABC model. The development of the model fit with their application of Cognos data mining tools to support institutional … Continue reading "Applying Activity Based Costing to Supply Chain Management in a University Context"

April 16, 2004

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