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Saint Mary’s University Digital Transformation: Unifying Systems to Increase Student Success (PDF Presentation)

Saint Mary's University Digital Transformation: Unifying Systems to Increase Student Success (PDF Presentation)

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September 30, 2022

Covid Screening and Vaccine declaration process

When COVID-19 hit, Lambton College was faced with concerns over the health and safety of our students, staff, and extended community partners. During the initial analysis of the obstacle, Lambton College looked to engage third-party vendors for a widely accepted generic solution. After further review, Lambton College decided on an in-house customized solution. This has provided Lambton College with the flexibility … Continue reading "Covid Screening and Vaccine declaration process"

June 15, 2022

University Systems – Cybersecurity Working Group

The Cybersecurity Working Group (CWG) is a cross-divisional team and approach that enables the University of Victoria to improve cybersecurity –  technology, processes, and practices – through projects and continuous improvement. It’s an example of people and process innovation that overcomes limited resources by changing how we work together and empowering leadership and collaboration at … Continue reading "University Systems – Cybersecurity Working Group"

June 15, 2022

Risk Based Emergency Response

Following the onset of a global pandemic in 2020, Sheridan closed its campuses and retooled over 3,000 courses for over 25,000 students and all student support services for virtual delivery, to comply with provincial directives preventing in-person teaching and learning on postsecondary campuses. To enable business continuity and retain the engagement of students and employees, … Continue reading "Risk Based Emergency Response"

June 15, 2022

File Cabinets for Sale: All-Electronic Student Record System

The Université de Montréal (UdeM) has initiated a project to modernize student record management. Previously, there were multiple documents on file for every student, spread out across different physical and electronic locations. UdeM therefore decided to create a single electronic student record (Dossier Étudiant Électronique Unique or DÉÉU) to cover everything from admissions to archives. … Continue reading "File Cabinets for Sale: All-Electronic Student Record System"

June 15, 2022

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