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UBC’s Energy Conservation & Innovation Program

Since 2000 UBC’s energy conservation efforts have continued to be enhanced as the program has adapted with new technologies and data analysis tools.  In 2001, following energy audits of UBC's 100 largest facilities, the university launched the $40 million EcoTrek retrofit program. An energy services contract (ESCO) which guaranteed annual energy savings of $2.6 million. … Continue reading "UBC’s Energy Conservation & Innovation Program"

June 10, 2019

McGill AXES Progam in Custodial Services

The McGill Building Services unit oversees a team of 176 employees providing custodial services to 50 buildings. As in any large public institution, the unit strives to deliver outstanding services despite intensifying budgetary pressure.  In this complex operational context, data-driven decision making techniques offer a valuable opportunity. The question was: how to implement such a … Continue reading "McGill AXES Progam in Custodial Services"

June 10, 2019

Campus Strategic Sustainability Plan

In 2008, environmental sustainability was identified as one of Thompson Rivers University’s (TRU) seven founding values in 2008. To this end, in 2009, the TRU created the Sustainability Office, to ensure that sustainability would be considered in all university planning initiatives.  While significant sustainability work was accomplished between 2009 and 2013, TRU had not yet … Continue reading "Campus Strategic Sustainability Plan"

June 10, 2019

Business Analytics – An Ancillary Perspective (PDF Presentation – Elio Velazquez)

Business Analytics – An Ancillary Perspective (PDF Presentation - Elio Velazquez)

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July 4, 2018

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