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Benchmarking: a Sustainable Approach to Quality Improvement

One of the successful components of the Benchmarking Model is the involvement of stakeholders in every step of the process. – Directors determine benchmarking projects by consulting with their employees – Steering Committee (comprised of Managers and Directors) approves projects and implementation strategies – Cross Functional Team is formed representing all stakeholders in the process … Continue reading "Benchmarking: a Sustainable Approach to Quality Improvement"

April 16, 2007

Finance Learning Initiative

The initiative began with four central units (Financial Services, Supply Management Services, Staff & Student Payments and Administrative Information Systems) coming together to provide funding and support. These units freed up operational funds to hire program coordinators and offered their staff members to develop and deliver training. The success of the initiative resulted in expanding … Continue reading "Finance Learning Initiative"

April 16, 2006

Competencies Directory

As noted in previous sections, we have involved ail stakeholders, including the staff association, throughout the project and this strategy continues. Communication and participation, critical success factors, as outlined in the project extract and in the project originality features, have definitely been catalysts in affirming commitment from users at ail levels: – Principal and Vice-Principal … Continue reading "Competencies Directory"

April 16, 2006

Assurance and Continuous Improvement through Operational Reviews

All stakeholders for each unit are considered in the reviews. Feedback from stakeholders includes staff, customers, executive management and the Board of Governors, strategic partners, local communities and external funding agencies. This feedback process pulls the real issues and opportunities to the forefront.   The framework outlines a process that is applicable to any post-secondary … Continue reading "Assurance and Continuous Improvement through Operational Reviews"

April 16, 2006

UBC Custodial Services – Optimizing Quality and Productivity

Throughout the implementation of these initiatives there has been a continuous and constant flow of communication between staff, supervisors and managers. Feedback from staff has been instrumental in the selection of the types of products and equipment required. All products and equipment are brought in on a trial basis before final decisions are made to … Continue reading "UBC Custodial Services – Optimizing Quality and Productivity"

April 16, 2006

Reengineering in the Office of the Registrar – The Student Activity Tracking System

While the technical development and implementation were accomplished by IT personnel, the overall planning of the system as a viable solution to improve our services was a collaborative effort. Representatives from each of the major units within the Office of the Registrar were heavily involved1 in the development of each module to ensure that each … Continue reading "Reengineering in the Office of the Registrar – The Student Activity Tracking System"

April 16, 2006

Fully Supported Faculty/Student Teaching and Learning Model

The fully supported faculty/student teaching and learning model is successful as a result of the involvement and commitment of institutional, internal and external stakeholders. Open Learning is a strategic direction of the University of Guelph. In addition, Open Learning seeks to incorporate the other four strategic directions adopted by the University of Guelph in 1995; … Continue reading "Fully Supported Faculty/Student Teaching and Learning Model"

April 16, 2006

Ushop – b2b eProcurement Marketplace

Before the solution was selected over 60 staff members across three campuses representing academic and administrative groups were interviewed to identify the features and functionality that a solution would need to have. Once the solution was selected a steering committee was formed comprised of researchers, divisional business officers, systems, finance and procurement staff. The role … Continue reading "Ushop – b2b eProcurement Marketplace"

April 16, 2005

Business Process Committee

The Business Process Committee includes representation from Senior Management, financial administration, information technology, student services, human resources, academic, customized training and internal audit. The Committee invites College leaders to many of its biweekly meetings (e.g. Registrar, Director of Human Resources, Director of Admissions, etc). The College’s Senior Leadership Team receives periodic status reports. The format … Continue reading "Business Process Committee"

April 16, 2005

Meeting the Fiscal Challenge: The Achievements of the University of Alberta in Cost Containment and Revenue Enhancement

The entire university community had the opportunity to participate in this exercise, as well as individuals outside the university through the expert panel process. The Funding Solutions Task Force met with representatives of every portfolio as well as representatives from both the staff and student associations. Mechanisms were also put in place through the Faculties … Continue reading "Meeting the Fiscal Challenge: The Achievements of the University of Alberta in Cost Containment and Revenue Enhancement"

April 16, 2004

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