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University Manager 2011 Fall

Review of University Endowment and Pension Funds | Infrastructure Funding: Rising to the Challenge

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September 17, 2011

University Manager 2010 Summer

The Importance of Accessing Building Performance | Review of Universities Endowment and Pension Funds | Benchmarking Human Resources

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June 16, 2010

Recycling and Environmental Group: A Student-operated, Student-funded Campus-wide Recycling Program

In 1999, students of the University of ManKoba voted overwhelmingly in favour of supporting a student-operated recycling program by way of a $2 tuition levy. The levy is collected and administered by the University of Manitoba’s Student’s Union (UMSU) who engages UMREG as an UMSU service. At the same time, external funding and in-kind assistance … Continue reading "Recycling and Environmental Group: A Student-operated, Student-funded Campus-wide Recycling Program"

April 16, 2010

Good Ideas Contest

The Good Ideas Contest resulted in the transformation of ideas into concrete changes at the University of Ottawa. Students benefited from the creation of a new orientation week at the starting of the winter semester; water and energy usage from restroom facilities were reduced; a Bike-Share Program was initiated to allow community members to use … Continue reading "Good Ideas Contest"

April 16, 2009

Campus Emergency Management in an Information Age

The direction the University of Windsor has taken in the development of our overall emergency preparedness program has totally transformed our ability to effectively prepare, plan, respond and recover from any emergency. There has been a full cultural shift from the days of the binder on the shelf to a professional model of preparedness that … Continue reading "Campus Emergency Management in an Information Age"

April 16, 2009

Concordia University’s innovative large-scale on-site composting system

Working towards sustainability involves mentality changes, and composting has long been seen as an obscure, low-tech and smelly way of dealing with waste. Concordia’s system is showing that composting can be successfully implemented in an urban setting, and it is our hope that this project will help to change the way our society perceives and … Continue reading "Concordia University’s innovative large-scale on-site composting system"

April 16, 2009

Asbestos-Tracker. Tracking of asbestor-containing building materials.

It is worthwhile to mention that the transformation of work activities is immense. Savings are being used for proactive asbestos removal works. A total of 5 mechanical rooms have already been cleaned of all asbestos materials and work is on-going in lWO more. The most commendable achievement lhal the TRACKER has provided is an immense … Continue reading "Asbestos-Tracker. Tracking of asbestor-containing building materials."

April 16, 2009


The BOMA-GO-GREEN application has provided SFU a formal auditing and verification process to document the existing facility management procedures. This process confirms that SFU manages the buildings in an environmental responsible manner and in particular conforming with the ten requirements requested by BOMA. Also as part of the review, it enables SFU the opportunities to … Continue reading "BOMAGOGREEN"

April 16, 2009

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