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Transformation of Environmental Health & Safety Management Systems

The Dalhousie University Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Office has been strategically restructured aligning program managers with key University risks including; biological, chemical, radiation, fire, and farm safety. These program managers provide expert guidance and oversight to the university and work as a team to accomplish aggressive goals utilizing collaborations with Faculty, Staff and students. … Continue reading "Transformation of Environmental Health & Safety Management Systems"

June 10, 2019

Wellness Consultations: Accessible, Graduate-Specific Mental Health Support

Graduate students face unique barriers when accessing mental health support, such as navigating dual roles as students and employees (Maldonado, Wiggers, & Arnold, 2013) and fear of reprisal or stigma if supervisors, mentors, or their own undergraduate students find out (Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario, 2018). The Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) established the Wellness Consultation … Continue reading "Wellness Consultations: Accessible, Graduate-Specific Mental Health Support"

June 10, 2019

UBC’s Energy Conservation & Innovation Program

Since 2000 UBC’s energy conservation efforts have continued to be enhanced as the program has adapted with new technologies and data analysis tools.  In 2001, following energy audits of UBC's 100 largest facilities, the university launched the $40 million EcoTrek retrofit program. An energy services contract (ESCO) which guaranteed annual energy savings of $2.6 million. … Continue reading "UBC’s Energy Conservation & Innovation Program"

June 10, 2019

Creating and sharing a convocation experience for family and friends: 360° video and digital download.

Convocation is a great public occasion when a university celebrates its graduates’ accomplishments. It is a commemoration of student’s life at university and an opportunity to share this significant milestone with faculty, peers, family and friends. For eight years, Carleton University’s Teaching and Learning Services has provided a live stream of convocation for guests who … Continue reading "Creating and sharing a convocation experience for family and friends: 360° video and digital download."

June 10, 2019

Vertisee: Applying GIS technology for Facilities Services

Simon Fraser University Facilities Services implemented Geographic Information Services (GIS) technology to verify and develop a system to manage information on the 8 underground utilities and infrastructure at its Burnaby campus. The project was initiated in 2012, resulting in a GIS Enterprise system installed in 2018, providing an internal secure service for access to asset … Continue reading "Vertisee: Applying GIS technology for Facilities Services"

June 10, 2019

Endowment System

fsdds In the 2017 University Investment Survey there were 72 Universities with Endowment Funds that support institutional missions providing financial support for scholarships, bursaries, awards and research centres (etc.). In 2015, we asked other Canadian Universities what systems are used to administer and track endowments (i.e. tracking endowment spending and market value, determining budget amounts, … Continue reading "Endowment System"

June 10, 2019

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